How You Can Apply Trauma Recovery Techniques To Break Free From Relationship Abuse And Start Living Your Best Life!


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This 5 part potent program will teach you, step by step, how to release anger, grief and shame so you can move forward with trust and live from your heart.


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"Just manifested the will to get fit, play more music, socialise more and found a good woman at the first outing. Getting on great with my daughters and learning how to be super productive with my time and energy."


Shane Blumson, AUS

"I was feeling in a rut with work, socially and stuck. I was in a relationship that was psychologically abusive. I lost a lot of self-confidence and self-esteem. I was in need of direction, self-love and reflection. While I was doing her program, I managed to find a new job with a big pay rise. I've got career opportunities and I'm in a relationship with a guy who's supportive of me."

Zofia Barnes, UK

"I recently finished Jessica's Relationship Recovery course and got results from it quite fast. I was going through heartache mixed with many emotions such as grief and anger, and the course allowed me to release those emotions that were decreasing my energy. The course also has modules with practical tips on how to attract relationships. After releasing the emotions that needed to be released, I started to notice shifts in different relationships in my life. I'm looking forward to continuing to witness results from this course."

Lauren Blaise, FR

"Jessica is able to hold a compassionate space for various difficult emotions and provide insight into what wounds may be driving various life issues and difficulties...She's a joy to work with!"


Sei Ra, IN

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