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Relationship Recovery


Here's What You'll Get

  • Module 1: Release Heartache and Relationship Meltdowns value $400

    Let go of toxicity from past experiences of relationship abuse or meltdowns and bring in new and exciting energy into your love life.

  • Module 2: Rise Above Rejection value $400

    Learn how rejection works out in your favour, how to speak from an adult place to reclaim back your power and release any rejection triggers.

  • Module 3: Rediscover Unconditional Love value $400

    Understand the duality that plays out between the wounded inner child and the adult version of you on your perception of love through Gestalt therapy also known as voice dialogue.

  • Module 4: Ramp Up Your Sovereignty value $400

    You are what you attract. Embrace the importance of practicing celibacy for the next 90 days to turn up your love vibes and protecting them with morning and evening self-love rituals that are designed to cleanse your energy and protect your energetic boundaries.

  • Module 5: Realise Your Soulmate Potential value $400

  • BONUS 1: Ignite Your Sensuality value $200

    Be guided by energy healing to let go of shame around your sexual identity and embrace your sexuality.

  • Lower your anxiety and move forward with trust. Start to make peace with your past and breakfree from abuse.



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 I’ve just completed the 5 day course and feel really good. 

Of course I still have work to do to continue reinforcing these positive changes I am feeling in myself but I have felt like I’ve met my true-self for the first time and that I am at peace with everything, knowing the Universe has a plan for me.

Gen Smith

UX Designer, UK

Jessica is able to hold a compassionate space for various difficult emotions (for me) and provide insight into what wounds may be driving various life issues and difficulties.


She's a joy to work with ! 



Sei Ra

Software Engineer, India

Jessica guided me in a process that made me unleashed my suppressed anger and rage. 


The result was an unbelievable decrease of my anxiety!!! I could managed my emotions and focus on my career without anxiety !!!


Thank you Jessica!! ☄️🌟💐

Juan David Velasco

Accountant, Australia