• Pinpoint how to nurture the needs of each childhood trauma and apply practical solutions and strategies to rise in your personal power.

  • Engage in a series of dynamic techniques of breath, movement and sound to shift stagnant energy into free-flowing chi, self-expression and creative energy.

  • Learn how to use the roller in a time-efficient manner to feel safe and grounded in your body. Sleep better at night and feel a sense of peace. 

  • Get into the vortex of a breathtaking quantum activation to breakfree from the loud noise of your old programming and bring yourself back on your crown and throne.

  • Find power in stillness and notice how the changes in your being. Breathe in the light that's in your heart and immerse unconditional love for your inner child.


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 I’ve just completed the 5 day course and feel really good. 

Of course I still have work to do to continue reinforcing these positive changes I am feeling in myself but I have felt like I’ve met my true-self for the first time and that I am at peace with everything, knowing the Universe has a plan for me.

Gen Smith

Jessica is able to hold a compassionate space for various difficult emotions (for me) and provide insight into what wounds may be driving various life issues and difficulties.


She's a joy to work with ! 



Sei Ra

Jessica guided me in a process that made me unleashed my suppressed anger and rage. 


The result was an unbelievable decrease of my anxiety!!! I could managed my emotions and focus on my career without anxiety !!!


Thank you Jessica!! ☄️🌟💐

Juan David Velasco