Your Coach: Jessica Goh


Qualifications: Detox specialist, character analysis, bio-energetics, core-energetics, life coaching, body work , family constellations, energy healing, quantum healing, gestalt therapy, star magic, channelling and alternatives to violence project facilitator.


Professional Success: Dissolve head, neck and back pains. Stop nightmares and reduce anxiety without any drugs. Restore regular menstrual cycles. Healing eczema, impacts from CV shedding and sore throat. Entity removal for SRA sufferers and CV vaccine.


Personal Success: Overcome relationship codependency and sex addictions. Weight loss and eczema gone  in 8 days without steroid creams. Reduced anxiety and anger (drug-free). Rebuilt relationship with a dysfunctional mother. 


Reclaim Your Life With Optimal Quantum Health In Just 3 Months

Learn how to live your best life from a health crisis. I'm here to show you how I used this powerful healing method to empower my clients to achieve breakthrough results in their health and bounce back with absolute confidence and invigorating energy. 


I'm gifting you this medicinal webinar for free because I want you to raise your consciousness of your mental health and wellbeing too!

Frequently Asked Questions

#1: How is this different to the current healthcare system? 


The problem with the medical industry is that they look to treat the symptoms but not actually educate you about how to solve the underlying problem. This is how they profit from you by keeping you stuck in your illness and hooking you onto ongoing surgery, prescriptive medication, lotions and potions from the pharmaceutical industry. However, they serve their purpose to an extent but it's not the answer for you to be sustainable in healing your health. Just to be clear, I am not a doctor and I'm not here to provide any medical advice. In saying that, I'm a detoxification specialist and trauma coach in childhood abuse amongst 11 other healing modalities to show you an alternative path with a holistic approach to healing trauma and suppressed emotions that have manifested as health issues and why your body is speaking to you (with agony) to set yourself free. 


#2: Who is this webinar not for? 


This isn't for you if you're sceptical, narrow-minded, lazy, looking for a quick fix and you haven't tried anything at all. You're not willing to dive deep inside of your soul to let go of emotional barriers to optimal health, you don't want to spend any time and financial resources on your recovery. 


#3: Who is this webinar for? 


This is for you if you're an action taker, you're devoted and determined to get to the other side by being coachable and you're willing to face your darkest fears to live your best life. You're frustrated with mainstream therapy because you tried every recommendation but you're still at rock bottom with your health and self-esteem. You're now ready to achieve great success and you value your healing as a number 1 priority in your life right now. You know you're worth the time and investment.


#4: How can I access this webinar if I'm not tech savvy or I'm not able to attend? 


It's very simple. Click on BOOK A SPOT button on this page to register so I can email you the webinar link to watch my webinar via Webinar Jam. You don't need to download any fancy software to watch this. All you need is access to the internet and your email on your device to watch it live. If you can't make it but would love to access this information, you will still need to register, so you will receive an email from me to access the replay for a period of 48 hours after the webinar is over. 

What You Will Learn


  • Part 1: Why do you feel like your health is falling apart, especially as you age and what to do about it?

  • Part 2: What are the 3 root causes of your health that you need to know for you to empower your healing journey.

  • Part 3: Get to know the science behind your energy centers from world class health professionals and how it impacts your self-esteem, relationships and wellbeing.

  • Part 4: How can you rebuild and repair your quantum health to be optimal especially if you're CV vaccinated, contracted CV or experiencing CV shedding.




Here's what my clients have to say about their health now...

Jess has an intuitive and spiritual gift to emotionally and energetically tune into your body to figure out what is really going on and is able to clearly articulate the problem and how to fix it. - Mel Chung, AUS

Maria Sutera, AUS

"These sessions have been absolutely remarkable. I feel invigorated, I feel rejuvenated! Jessica has been very professional, very concise and very thorough. She has gone through all of my health concerns. I have been blown away how I've been feeling."

Omar Farooq, CA

"I just woke up and I feel so much ease and relief in my body! It feels like a weight has been lifted off from me. I feel so grateful to you, Jess! No other energy healer was able to pick up the heaviness in my legs. You're an amazingly caring and powerful being that is changing my life. Thank you Jessica. Lots of love and blessings your way."

Melody Chen, USA

"Seriously, it worked! My back got better too, I don't feel the pain anymore. I feel physically lighter. The neck pain is gone. Just the throat has some issues! You did a good job at clearing all the blockages at one time! That was a lot haha! I'm so grateful for you." 

Every evening at 7:00 pm in your timezone!

If you can't attend live, please register so I can send you the replay.

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