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Move Into Quantum Health

1:1 Trauma Recovery Mentorship

Overcome childhood trauma, stop reliving your past and start living your best life in 3 months.

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How am I different to psychologists, other life coaches and energy healers?

I tried mainstream therapy, personal development and the like. Will this work for me?

Who this won't work for?

Why should I work with you? What are your qualifications?

Do you work with me online or face to face?

Why do you charge a premium to work with you?

Do you offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

What would you do if I felt uncomfortable with a certain process during our sessions? What's your experience with dealing abuse?

Success Stories

Who doesn't want a good happy ending?🥰

Omar Farooq

Medical Doctor, CA

“I just woke up and I feel so much ease and relief in my body! It feels like a weight has been lifted off from me. I feel so grateful to you, Jess! No other energy healer was able to pick up the heaviness in my legs. You're an amazingly caring and powerful being that is changing my life. Thank you Jessica. Lots of love and blessings your way.”

Shane Blumson

Sales Executive, AUS

“Still halfway point of the Module 2 of the online course and I have already had some massive shifts. Just manifested the will to get fit, socialise more and found a good woman on the first outing. And bought a new drum kit that I wanted when I was in my teens. Getting on great with my daughters and learning to be super productive and focus on my time and energy.  ”

Gen Smith

UX Designer & EFT Practitioner, UK

“I've just completed the 5 part course and feeling really good. Of course, I still have work to do to continue to reinforce these positive changes I am feeling in myself, but I have felt like I met my true self for the first time and that I am at peace with everything, knowing the universe has a plan for me.”

Sei Ra

IT Executive, IN


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