Move Mountains and Find Your You

What if you could fall out of panic attacks, lower your anxiety levels, heal from relationship abuse and overcome childhood trauma?


Perhaps you tried clinical therapy and didn't gain the results you we're hoping for and you're willing to do whatever it takes to get to the other side.


If this sounds like you, I'm here to help you.

FREE WEBINAR! Learn how 5 types of childhood traumas are impacting your life right now and what will it take to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

About Me


I'm Jessica Goh, trauma coach in childhood, relationship and emotional abuse. 


I'm just like you. I know what it's like to constantly feel on edge, numbed from intense emotions, constantly feeling insecure and alone, not knowing who to turn to for the right guidance and living with my childhood abuse on replay. 


This doesn't have to be this way for you too.


The problem with mainstream therapy is they don't teach you how to be accountable of your own thoughts, heal and manage your childhood trauma. These are the 3 key ingredients you need to be sustainable and avoid being co-dependency on your therapist ever again. I personally spent over $80,000 in 8 years of therapy and self-development to figure out what's the MOST EFFECTIVE and FASTEST way to get to the other side.


I work with driven professionals all over the world and I have successfully got them to a place of freedom by being at peace with their past, lowering their anxiety levels, finding trust in their relationships and embracing who they are in just 3 months!


What sets me apart from other life coaches, counsellors, healers and psychologists is my REAL LIFE experiences with 20 years of trauma (including sexual abuse, relationship abuse, dysfunctional family dynamics, childhood trauma, domestic violence, victim of bullying and high anxiety) and what it takes to decide to be on the other side.




Support is here. You choose.


Jessica Goh

Work With Me

You might be thinking, what is it exactly what I do and how do I achieve massive results for my clients? 


I'm a certified life coach, bio-energetics and core-energetics facilitator and qualified in a blend of healing modalities such as constellations, channelling, voice dialogue, body work, character analysis, energy protection and healing and so much more. 


To sum it up I pinpoint your childhood wounds, help you get clarity why these experiences happened and start creating powerful energetic processes for you to shift out of traumatic memories and realign yourself to unconditional love. I also work with you to grow from a victim mentality to a victorious mindset. This is where I teach you to be your own coach and healer with results lasting you for a lifetime.


One modality is simply not enough to cover all aspects of healing and managing trauma. This is why I've been trained in a variety of them training your mindset, supporting your emotional wellbeing, building your energetic container to sustain your chi levels and levelling up your physical and spiritual aspects so they unite as one. 


You know that saying, 'Give a man a fish, he feeds for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime.' I'm here to show you how you can heal for a lifetime without ever to rely on me or anyone else ever again. 

I offer a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. This means if you're not satisfied with my online courses, retreats or private 1:1 mentorship, I refund your money back. Simply send an email to within the timeframes below:


For online courses -  refund valid within 24 hours of purchase.

For retreats - refund valid until Day 2 of the retreat (minus retreat accomodation and meals).

For private mentorship - refund valid within 48 hours after the first trauma recovery session. 


Had anyone requested a refund on any of my offerings? No because they got results straight away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • 1. I tried clinical therapy and dabbled in other things. Would trauma recovery work for me?

    Trauma recovery is for you if you've tried clinical therapy and haven't experienced much success from it. You're someone who's driven and ambitious and willing to be vulnerable to engage with your emotions. This form of healing is quite intense and isn't a walk in the park which is why for those who are open to it and willing to do whatever it takes to get to the other side, you'll experience massive results in a short period of time. It's for you if you're suffering from relationship, emotional, childhood or sexual abuse, dysfunctional family dynamics, high anxiety levels and/or low self-esteem. 

  • 2. Who is this not for?

    This isn't for you if you're on prescriptive medication and suffer from severe neurological mental health conditions such as Autism, Asperger, OCD, Psychosis, Down Syndrome, Bi-Polar etc. Please seek clinical therapy and support groups. Also this isn't a right fit for you if you're someone who's looking for a quick fix to all of your problems, narrow-minded, sceptical and you haven't tried clinical therapy or self-development. 

  • 3. How am I different to psychologists, counsellors, coaches and healers?

    I know what it's like to be in your shoes, a person who suffered from the impacts of domestic violence, dysfunctional family dynamics of being brought up with a sex addict father and an overbearing mother who laughed and criticised me after I tried to protect her from being hit from my father or when my father slapped me across the face when I was 8. To experienced sexual abuse where my uncle looked at me and touched me without consent as a teenager. While trying to figure out why I kept attracting toxic men who were either married, coming out of an engagement, defacto relationship or emotionally shut down where they just wanted sex and company without the commitment of a divine relationship. I know what it's like to self-sabotage my financial success from having 2 positive cash flow properties at 26 and gone broke with just $100 in my bank account at 29 because I didn't know how the impacts of unhealed trauma has contracted my own self-worth and my energetic container to receive and expand my abundance flow.


    For me to have come out of this the other side has allowed me to guide people just like you to move mountains, rise above emotional overwhelm from past memories of abuse and find your you so you can claim your sovereignty and be self-sufficient in your healing journey ahead without my support or anyone else. I had clients who increased their income by $15K plus super, secured a full-time job in their desired industry at the peak of COVID, attracting conscious lovers, lowering their anxiety levels and falling out of panic attacks and suicidal thoughts (drug-free).


    What also sets me apart is that I teach you how to be your own coach and healer so you avoid being co-dependent on clinical therapy and self-development ever again. I have personally spent over $80,000 and 8 years trying to figure out what works and what doesn't and found it frustrating to be constantly sold and upgraded to another program endlessly where I still had to look for answers outside of myself. This doesn't have to be this way for you too. The key to trauma recovery is we must engage in multiple healing modalities that are designed to release stagnant energy out of the body and your nervous system.

  • 4. How does trauma recovery work? Is this conducted online or face to face?

    I deliver trauma recovery mentorship and courses all online through a sacred space where you work with me privately by Zoom. The retreats however is face to face in Sydney, Australia and will be limited to 6 attendees maximum due to the intensity and power of this work. The way I work with you is understand your current situation through a free Clarity Call and pinpoint which childhood trauma you fall under to help you gain awareness of how you're experiencing your reality now and creating processes for us to break away from the old program and start creating a new program.


    To do this, I will train you up on how to sustain yourself between sessions so you're in a good headspace and heart space as you release suppressed emotions from past memories of your childhood and adult life in our time together. This is to free up the body and energetic container of heavy, dense and stagnant energy so you immediately feel lighter than before, more open and expansive which reprogram the mind that it's possible to experience a higher timeline. 


    By working with me, I will provide structure, support, guidance and processes to help you heal and manage your inner child as well as achieving a desired outcome that you've been longing for e.g career change, increase in your income, feeling comfortable in who you are, being magnetic in attracting lovers etc. You must not treat this program as a 90 day challenge and instead be accountable with how you show up in between sessions and use the techniques that I've shared with you to be self-sufficient especially when the program is over. Embrace this as a lifetime commitment to yourself so you sustainably receive higher levels of abundance, expanding your energetic container and have the awareness to catch out old thoughts from the old program that can decipher the hard work we put together so you keep progressing further and further into your highest potential in your life.

  • 5. Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes I offer a Satisfaction Guarantee where if you're unsatisfied with accessing my online course called Rebuild Your Self-Worth within 24 hours, Set Yourself Free retreat on Day 2 (minus accommodation and meals) or your first private trauma recovery session within 48 hours, I refund your money back. It must be within this timeframe and we'll cancel the program, anything beyond that, it's non-refundable. Email if you need to action this request.

  • 6. Do you offer payment plans in case I don't have funds available?

    Yes I offer a 3 month payment plan for Rebuild Your Self-Worth online course, 10 month payment plan for Set Yourself Free retreat and a 12 month payment plan for my private 3 month trauma recovery container called Find Yourself In Trust.

  • 7. How do you ensure that you deliver results and do you still invest in your own self-development?

    Success is experienced where it's 100% my responsibility to guide my clients with their needs to get to the other side by understanding their impacts of childhood trauma and deliver the healing and support they need to get there. It's also 100% the client's responsibility to take on all the skills, techniques, tools and strategies that I have given them in order to be implemented and integrated into their day to day life. 


    I am always active in the self-development space where I seek 1-3 mentors a year and immerse myself into resources and new material on a daily basis to accelerate my growth, healing and integration so I can be the best coach and healer that I can be and passing this onto my clients so they are well-equipped, empowered and informed. I update the latest healing techniques and content in Rebuild Your Self Worth course where my clients get lifetime access to unlimited trauma healing.

  • 8. What would you do if I'm uncomfortable with a process or activity?

    Great question! It depends on the person's personality and level of trust I have built with my client, I either modify my process and activities or encourage them to push through because the resistance is the path to freedom. As soon they come out of it the other side, they feel like a brand new person glowing with unconditional love, alignment, acceptance and inner peace.

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