The Journey To You


Let me ask you something...



 If you answered YES to any of the Seeker, then hey, we got something to work with. So let's get with the program.

Where do you genuinely feel that you see yourself in your life right now?

Are super satisfied, feeling mediocre or just meh...?



If you're feeling that you need to be in control of your life or in extreme conflict with yourself and with your current situation, then please read more because there are a few things that you need to know about yourself to overcome what's exactly in the way of living your deepest desires.

My friend, you're a creator of your life. You have the choice to subscribe the program that's not working for you anymore or upgrade to a new one that's super sleek, fast and powerful just like your greatest potential in who you are and what you have to offer in this lifetime.

Have you heard about the thing called the program? Your brain runs a program over and over again so your RAS or Recticular Activating System believes this is the reality you subscribe to live.


But wait! There's more...Do you know that you have an identity profile (foundation of who you are) plus archetypes (your unique personality) that runs your world? Keep reading to learn more about you.



So here's the thing. How do I take you from where you are now to become your greatest potential with the program you're subscribing to now? You must rewrite your whole script so you can live in a new reality...



"I got the job! Thank you so much for all your help! The money is even better than I thought it would be too. I am so excited to start this new chapter! You have been so amazing.

I just wanted to say thank you again for everything. I'm feeling in such a good place now.

It's amazing how much this has helped me."

-Zofia Barnes, from admin girl to now personal banker with 15K salary increase plus bonuses!

Watch Zofia's Success Story



-David Wang, from a single, lonely mathematician to creating a life on his own terms and found Ms Right

Watch David's Success Story

FAQ: How we Rock n Roll

1. What guidance are you going to give me for my next step towards stepping into my confidence?

Let's get to know each other over a chat for me to ascertain your situation, what your deepest desires are and if I'm right for you. Email your mobile and availabilities for your complimentary 30 min discovery sesh.

2. I've seen a counsellor/psychologist/life coach before, why would I work with you on my stuff to help get better at my confidence?

My question to you is, do you want high energy or heady therapy? I believe what keeps you stuck is your energy what I mean by that is, what energy do you recycle in your body? Is it Anxiety? Anger? Guit? Shame? Depression? Your energy says anything and everything about you. It's what you repel and what you attract in your life. I use at least 5 different modalities or methods to engage in your energy shift from low vibe to high vibe and this is where you can tap into your inner power, potency and potential.

3. Are you a qualified psychologist? 

I get this asked all the time! No, definitely not but I'm trained and certified as a life coach, body psychotherapist, constellation facilitator, AVP facilitator, Gestalt therapy, bio energetics and core energetics.

4. How long have you been coaching for?

I've been working with paid clients before I was certified and my coaching journey has been almost 5 years since I've hit my rock bottom. Yup, I've been coaching people when I was broke and I never let my own limitations get the best of me.

5. Do you have a coach that you refer to as well?

I would say a life coach without a mentor is like a deer in the headlights. Of course I do! I see at least 2 different mentors a year because I'm committed to my evolution of my potential as well as yours. I put my money where my mouth is.

6. Why would I choose to work with you over another coach?

I believe people invest their money in a coach because they want their coach's success. For instance, single men will see a dating coach, single women will go to a relationship coach, small business owners see a business coach, you get my drift.

The reason why my clients are drawn to me because of my energy of confidence, clarity and certainty and I demonstrated this by overcoming extremely difficult personal obstacles:

7. How have you implemented the strategies into your own life?

These are the 3 things you must know for change, transformation and success.

1. Abundant mindset - See the richness of your life through gratitude

2. Soul alignment - Feel the connection with what's possible

3. Conscious action - Make magic happen from a place of expansion and awareness

8. Do you guarantee success?

You make the success happen. I facilitate your journey to your greatest potential. You're 100% responsible for your experience and actions you take to support your own success.

9. What if I start working with you and I hate it?

I always let people know that stepping into your greatness ain't easy. Expect to be challenged, expect to be confronted and pushed over the edge. Don't expect to be in your comfort zone and mop in your pity party. That's not what I'm here for. And yes, I do trigger my clients because they've been triggered by their sense of insecurities. When that happens, I immediately make it clear to them in that moment what's showing up for them.

10. Would you offer a refund then?

When you sign up for greatness, I expect you to be all in. There are NO refunds on wimpiness or unforeseen circumstances. You make it happen babe!

11. What's the platform you'll use to coach me?

I no longer provide one to one unless it's upon request. And if so, it's done with a phone call or Zoom video call. With my workshops, retreats and leadership group mentoring, they are ALWAYS done face to face due to the efficacy and effectiveness of your inner transformation.

12. How's your coaching going to get me to where I want to be?

Continue to read more below...




The Experience: Never live life in slo-mo. Ever again. This groundbreaking journey is for a highly driven individual who wants high impact and high performance in their life. Become unstoppable in your soul shaking confidence and lead with certainty and direction.

This is more than a 5 month experience with your cheerleading squad, you'll have no fluff and just the good stuff as we go through the 5 core values to own your greatness:


Enrolment for Step Into Your Greatness is open twice a year. 


Saturday 28 March 2020 

COURAGE 28-29 March: Dream big and embrace yourself for an unstoppable 2020 by tapping into the power of courage to widen your possibilities and make magic happen

CLARITY 18-19 April: Say goodbye to "I don't know" by trusting your inner guidance to show you the path to your greatness

CONFIDENCE 30-31 May: Unlock your inner power through core confidence and become an unshakable force in your search of your true identity in soul alignment

CREATION 27-28 June: Leave your lack mindset behind so you have the freedom to create from an expansive place of unlimited love and attune to the frequency of abundance

CERTAINTY 25-26 July: Tap into the energy of coherence by sinking into the depths of your inner God or Goddess


Saturday 29 August 2020 

PERMISSION 29-30 August: It all starts by saying YES to you and how you can start making yourself a priority not a luxury and make that happen

PASSION 26-27 Sept: Ignite that fire in your belly and ground that volcanic explosion by building a strong container to direct your energy, focus and time in the most effective and efficient way

PURPOSE 24-25 Oct: Awaken to your soul's reincarnation in what you came to do and experience in this lifetime in the world of the senses 

PERSISTENCE 28-29 Nov: Use rejection as a soul driver to continual your evolution and growth to commit to your goals and dreams

PERFORMANCE  19-20 Dec: Accelerate how you do things better by refining what activities aren't serving you and which to engage and harness your greatest potential 

Investment: $4999 

Are payment plans available? Yes payment plan $645 x 8 months - email to get started. 

Venue: 99 on York, Level 2, 95-99 York St, Sydney




  1. I would have to ascertain what is it exactly that you need and if I am the right mentor for you. Let’s find out after you have booked in a complimentary discovery session with myself. Email with your mobile, email and availabilities to make a booking.


  1. I am an executive and I need help building my career, why would I work with you on my personal stuff to help get better at my career?

  1. What you do in your career is what you do in all areas of your life. Let’s say you struggle to ask for a payrise. So in life, how do you struggle to ask to receive support, help, love, feedback and money? Can you see how your relationship with you is the foundation of your life?


  1. Do you have a coach that you refer to as well?

  1. Definitely! I have at least 2 coach every year to constantly evolve into a greater version of myself because a client can only go as far as what their coach knows.


  1. Why would I choose to work with you over another coach?

  1. Great question! I believe in your greatest potential because your success is my success. It’s a combination of walking the walk, personalising your needs with at least 5 different modalities that is absolutely life changing, successfully transforming clients to step into a fulfilling career with a generous salary to match. 


I  personally understand what it is like to fail and succeed over and over again in the workforce. 4 years ago I hit rock bottom. I was broke with just a retail background to now being a Executive Assistant for a Managing Director of a multinational skincare company.  

  1. How have you implemented the strategies into your own life?

  1. Have a clear intention with a passionate desire and take aligned action in making it happen through structure, strategy and belief.


  1. Are you a qualified psychologist? 

  1. I get asked this question all the time! No but I am a certified life coach and qualified in other modalities such as core energetics, bioenergetics, constellations, character analysis and body work.


  1. I have had a business coach before and it didn’t work out for me, why would you be any different?

  1. A life coach and business coach are completely different and target different needs. As a life coach I address lifelong patterns that keeps you stuck in the situation that you’re in right now and apply different modalities to help you get clarity, confidence and certainty into a new direction with your career path.


  1. Have you got any case studies to show me examples of your success?

A. Of course! Go to to view my list of testimonials.


  1. What is your academic background? What training have you had?

A. I’m a qualified life coach under Michelle Rose Personal Development, qualified practitioner in core energetics, bioenergetics, constellations and voice dialogue through Robert Kirby and a qualified AVP (Against Violence Project) teacher.


  1. What modalities do you use for this training?

A. 1. Life coaching - intuitively guiding you to uncover your limitations and see your true potential by letting go of faulty beliefs

2. Core energetics - Reiken and cicarda breathing exercises to move stagnant energy back to the heart and flow throughout the body so it creates free chi in the body, stuck energy creates stress, fear, tension and anxiety

3. Bio enegetics - Release stagnant energy that’s keeping the body and the mind stuck in the past. There are different methods to release energy for example body work which is massaging away where the body holds excessive amount of energy e.g stiffness and pain.

4. Constellations - channel and role play dynamics in the workplace, family or the self to identify the underlying motivation or issues that’s keeping you stuck in the past and what’s needed to move forward to being a creator of your life

5. AVP - Subtle trauma release through energiser and self reflection activities/questions

6. Singing bowl - clearing negative energy from the chakras and create realigned energy to reconnect to inner peace, clarity and relaxation

7. Affirmation meditation - rewiring the mind to let go disruptive thought patterns and adopt affirmative thought patterns to bridge into a new future

8. Voice dialogue - exploring the different aspects of your identity and creating coherence between the different entities


  1. Do you guarantee success? 

A. Success is dependent on your participation and this involves being 100% committed to showing up to weekling coaching sessions, receiving group support at our workshops and applying what you’ve learnt at home. As the saying goes, “go hard or go home”.


  1. What if I start working with you and I hate it?

A. In that case, I will debrief with you, what is it that you’re hating about my coaching? When people are hating it, they are usually  triggered by a response that brings them back to their past or a feeling and I will coach you through it.


  1. Do you help me find my solution or are you just an ear to lean on?

  1. Neither, I’m here to empower you to trust yourself and guide you in the right direction that will best support your career path.


  1. How long have you been coaching for?

  1. I’ve been coaching for 4 years but I believe it’s the quality of the coaching not the quantity of years that will give you proven results. I was getting paid clients before I became qualified.


  1. How long before I should see some results?

  1. It’s dependent on how much focus, energy and effort you put in. If you are half committed then you get nowhere. My experience from working with ambitious clients who are willing to do the work may see results in one session or in 3 months.


  1. What is the platform you will be teaching me?

  1. My coaching can be conducted either face to face, online by Skype or Zoom or a phone call. The choice is yours.


  1. What won’t I like about this process?

  1. Change. The challenges of adopting new habits along with a new mindset to match your outcome.


  1. How was your coaching going to get me to where I want to be?

  1. I bring 3 key things to unlock your career success: A solid structure in our one to one coaching sessions, a clear and proven strategy to help you get the momentum going and self-empowerment so you can have the courage to go out of your comfort zone to be your greatest potential.