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Jessica Goh is more than your average body psychotherapist and life coach, she helps driven professionals to experience confidence from the heart.

Her work is featured on eharmony and she speaks at Mind Body Spirit festival Sydney. Jessica mentors men and women who suffer from depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, low self-esteem and mid-life crisis.

Jessica's zest for life is drawn from her personal experiences of poverty, domestic violence, sexual abuse, victim of bullying, dysfunctional family dynamics and being unlucky in love. Her greatest desire is transforming her pain into passion so others can dive deep within to just be who they are. And that is, to be real.

She now has the man of her dreams, have faith in herself by making decisions that feels right for her, trusting the flow of life, a commitment to her inner transformation and for others to have that experience too and use powerful boundaries in all of her relationships including the one with her self so she can honor her realness. To her, that's a life in confidence.

Jessica as a speaker has the ability to explore heartfelt topics such as self-confidence, love and relationships, career change and family dynamics with tremendous honesty, warmth, presence and vulnerability, drawing from her personal experiences that has redefined her. Leaving the audience feeling uplifted and inspired to embark on their own spiritual awakening.

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Below: Jess presented Restore Your Confidence & Inner Peace at Mind Body Spirit festival in Sydney held at ICC