Set Your World On Fire Retreat

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Set Your World On Fire Retreat

"Silence and feedback are GOLDEN." Matt

"I am worthy of love and I have the power to let go and move with a much better life." Joyce

"The most valuable thing I learnt from this retreat is about the trauma I'm holding and how to release it. " Andrew

"It helped me let go of stuff from the past which is helping me fix relationships and friendships by putting myself as a priority." Dan

Victim or Victor? You decide. Feel more, be more. It's time to empower your life by letting go of control and connect with your soul.

Move beyond mountains by letting go of emotional overwhelm in relationship abuse and childhood trauma in 3.5 days. Find your YOU in your moments of truth with awakening realisations of clarity and healing of your past that's showing up in your present moment. Find yourself in confidence and move through freedom.

What you'll learn and gain from this experience:

  • More confidence, more certainty through the divine connection to you, humanity and life
  • Full restoration at 3 night accommodation in the Blue Mountains with highly nutritious vegetarian or vegan meals, filtered water, coffee and tea as your body's alchemy
  • Light up your heart, bring back that spark through a personalised trauma release process, workshop on self-worth, sound therapy and leisure time leaving you rejuvenated
  • Holistic and healing approach to the mind, body and soul with a highly experienced facilitator and coach ensuring safety and support from the group
  • Feel good in your skin with morning and gentle Yoga classes and grounding exercises to nurture and connect with your body as your temple
  • Experience clarity not chaos in our evening healing meditation with crystal healing and Kundalini energy to expand consciousness in divine love
Immediate Benefits:
Lower intensity of anxiety and emotional overwhelm that's in conflict with your self-esteem
Emotional freedom through deep trauma release
•More confidence, more certainty and more connection to you in the most humbling experience
Higher state of consciousness and self-awareness
Expand your receptivity to receiving divine love, trust and self-worth
•Chill in the pool
•Free parking at the venue
•Bush-walking & sight seeing waterfalls
•Shared bedroom with a same sex accountability buddy or upgrade to your private bedroom for an extra $300
•Shared bathroom, kitchen with in-house chef and Zen Den with a library of books and musical instruments or journal your thoughts to self reflect for some quiet time alone 
•Outdoor area to connect with the earth and beauty of the mountains
When: Friday 13 November to Monday 16 November 2020 

Check-In Time: 4:30pm

Dinner: 7pm-8pm

Where: Happy Buddha Retreats, 50 Railway Parade, Wentworth Falls, NSW, 2782

Check-Out Time: 1pm


How do I get there? 

Public transport: Catch a train from Central or Strathfield station to Wentworth Fall stations, it's about a 2 hr train ride. Parking: There's free parking at the retreat if you're driving or catch a train to Wentworth Falls station and we can pick you up from Wentworth Falls station to the retreat.

What do I need to bring? 

Pack some sunscreen, after care aloe lotion, skincare, bodycare, mobile, mobile charger, comfortable clothes or active wear, sleep wear, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush or comb, under garments, hat, sunnies, swimmers and mossie repellent. For winter dates, bring jumper and pants or jeans.

What can I expect to get out of this experience?

Every person's experience is unique and dependent on your participation. The more you participate (from the heart) the more you get out of your comfort zone to experience real confidence, heartfelt connections and emotional freedom. 

Why see a trauma coach and healer over a clinical psychologist?

Based on the feedback we've heard from the people who choose to work with us is their experiences with a psychologist can be helpful in gaining further insights about themselves and hearing the diagnosis of their problem however they feel the cause of the problem hasn't been dealt with on a deep emotional and restorative level or some may not feel they got much out of it in a clinical setting. Our approach we've taken on is working with you in a short period of time from day 1 to heal your traumatic experience in 3.5 days or in 3 months through our retreats, workshops and programs delivering results in a contained intimate group dynamic within a safe space. This forms healthy boundaries, minimise co-dependency with a therapist, be an enabler not a victim, give and receive honest feedback from people who has your back and going out of your comfort zone to connect with each person in the room through vulnerability and humility so you can be you. The healing is in the feeling.

I know someone who's keen to attend to this, what's the process for registration?

Great question! Share this link, they then hit ADD to cart and CHECKOUT to fill in their details for the purpose of registration and they pay by either paypal, bank card or credit card. Then they receive a confirmation email and text of the workshop details. Plus we reward referrals, so let us know if you're sending someone our way and when they book in successfully, we gift you a a Young Living orange essential oil (perfect in diffusing in your room or spraying on yourself for an uplifting and warm vibe to find in your day to day).

Can I get a refund if I change my mind or unforeseen circumstances?

No, it's just like purchasing any other ticket at the cinemas, concert or sports game where there's no refund. For unforeseen circumstances, you can be transferred to our next retreat however terms and conditions applies, that this retreats are non-refundable.

Do you cater for dietary requirements at the retreat? And with the meals being vegetarian, will it be enough for a meat eater like me?

Yes, the venue only provide vegertarian or vegan meals and do their best to cater for dietary requirements. As for meat eaters, we had positive feedback from our go-getters that they actually enjoyed the variety of flavours and feel extremely full. The vegetarian/vegan meals are made from plant based protein making it super nutritious and nourishing. I personally have lost some weight on the waistline just from their meals! It's also a great way to have more vitality and energy and go deeper into the meditation to receive messages and images that you need to heal, grow and evolve.

What do you do if I want to pass on an activity that makes me feel uncomfortable? 

We would encourage you to participate in all activities to get the best outcome from these experiences however if you're still hesitant, then we can provide a modified activity if it's due to an injury or you can choose to pass. The choice is yours.

Do you provide payment plans?

Yes, 3 payments of $740. Contact Jess on 0424 181 494 to be on payment plan.

Can I have my own private room if I didn't want to share with the same sex participant?

Yes you can for an extra $300. Contact Jess on 0424 181 494 to book in a private room and payment. 7 participants and 2 facilitators will be residing for 3.5 days in our private palace.

Are the rooms and bathrooms locked?

Yes, keys are not required, it's simply pressing the button on the door knob once you're inside your room or bathroom. 

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