Set Your World On Fire Retreat

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Set Your World On Fire Retreat

Straight from our go-getters, here are just some of things they got from this experience:

"Silence and feedback are GOLDEN." - Matt

"I am worthy of love and I have the power to let go and move with a much better life." - Joyce

"The most valuable thing I learnt from this retreat is about the trauma I'm holding and how to release it. " - Andrew

Set Your World On Fire is a 3.5 day sacred journey to moving into you and claiming your power back. You won’t recognise the person you were before because I'll be taking your deepest, darkest pain into coherent energy where you'll feel elevated, empowered and excited about being with you and what life has to offer. As each day goes on, you peel away a layer after layer of your false identity and igniting more and more of your greatest potential so you can start trusting the powerful creator inside of you.

This soul-shaking retreat is exclusive to an intimate group of go-getters.

Your Life-Changing Experiences Includes:

3.5 day of inner transformation and divine connection with you, humanity and life
•3 night accommodation with all super healthy, nourishing and vegetarian meals, filtered water and tea provided as your body's alchemy
Deep energetic processes, sound therapy and leisure time to rebalance your energy into coherence
Highly experienced facilitator and coach ensuring safety and support from the confidence circle
•Self-reflective and integrative activities to cement your experiences and receive feedback of your progress from the tribe
•Morning Yoga classes and grounding exercises to tune into your body and intuition
•Evening (still and walking) meditation to clear the mind, strengthen your focus and expand consciousness

Immediate Benefits:

Lower intensity of your anxiety and low vibe energy that's in conflict with you 
Emotional freedom through deep trauma release
Increase confidence levels and energy levels
Higher state of consciousness and self awareness
Elevate your receptivity of experiencing self-love, divine love, trust and self-worth


•Chill in the pool
•Free parking at the venue
•Bush-walking & sight seeing waterfalls
•Shared bedroom with a same sex accountability buddy or upgrade to your private bedroom for an extra $300 
•Shared bathroom, kitchen with in-house chef and Zen Den to self reflect for some quiet time alone
•Outdoor area to connect with the earth and beauty of the mountains


When: Friday 15 May to Monday 18 May 2020

           Friday 13 November to Monday 16 November 2020 


Check-In Time: 4:30pm

Dinner: 7pm-8pm

Where: Happy Buddha Retreats, 50 Railway Parade, Wentworth Falls, NSW, 2782

Check-Out Time: 1pm

How To Get There? There's free parking at the retreat if you're driving or catch a train to Wentworth Falls station and either Uber or organise us to pick you up from Wentworth Falls station to the retreat.

Are payment plans available? Yes $740 x 3 months. Email for payment plan application.

P.S When you sign up for greatness, I expect you to be all in. There are NO refunds for wimpiness or unforeseen circumstances. You make it happen babe!

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