Restore Your Confidence Course

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Restore Your Confidence Course

Is this for you?

This crash course on rebuilding your self-confidence is perrrrfect for...

  • Anyone who's looking to rebuild their self-confidence
  • Have a super happy, healthy and heartfelt relationship with me, myself and I
  • Seeking a happier, fulfilling and exciting life
  • Wanting a clearer mind and much needed inner peace
  • How to get out of them stuck-in-a-rut circumstances
  • How to stop people pleasing and cut ties with toxic people
  • Have empowering and engaging relationships
  • A sucker for self-development or expanding your self-awareness
  • PLUS 4x confidence sessions over the phone or Zoom valued at $1500!

What are the requirements?

  • Basic computer and tech skills to log into a private portal, watch a series of videos and click of downloads and other resources
  • Intermediate to Advanced English and the cool thing is that there are English subtitles 
Enjoy this step by step course to simplify your mind and your life with a guided affirmation meditation and a singing bowl thrown in the mix because this is your time to love and embrace the 'real' you.


This is your happiness and self-confidence we're talking about here so you can go out into the world and be the best version of you.

And while you're at it, why not grab this course as a gift for the people who are super important to you! Please leave a comment at checkout that "This is a gift and (type the receiver's email)". The course and coupon code will then be sent to your special person to receive this beautiful gift of love. 

BTW share your course reviews to receive a bonus Confidence Sesh valued at $450. This can be done over the phone, Zoom or Skype!


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