Relationship Recovery

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Relationship Recovery

Move beyond mountains. Recover and rediscover you in relationships. This 5 part course is perfect for you if you're not ready for private trauma recovery and want to take this at your own pace or you're curious how I can support you through my knowledge, skills and experiences. 

Recover at your own pace. Each module requires you to watch on a new day involving nourishing content for the mind and soul, action steps for you to take to get you there and of course, trauma healing to fall out of anxiety and move into alignment.

Here's what you'll receive from this amazing online program:

Module 1: Rise Above Relationship Meltdown & Heartache - Identify signs of a toxic relationship and how unhealed or unconscious childhood trauma is linked to painful recurring relationships valued at $400

Module 2: Overcome Rejection and Heal from Narcissism - Understand how to see rejection as your path to your healing journey and how to approach narcissists and wounding that come along with engaging in one valued at $400

Module 3:Turn Social Anxiety into Self-Acceptance - Go in depth how relationship abuse and childhood trauma contributes to different forms of social anxiety. Learn to embody sincerity in true confidence valued at $400

Module 4: Recover from Relationship Abuse -  Take your power back by shedding away from dysfunctional family dynamics and childhood conditioning that are linked to your past and current experiences of abusive relationships valued at $400

Module 5: Rediscover Your Self-Worth - Fall in love with you. Embrace your true being. Connect with your potential in love and magnetise your soul mate valued at $400

Access online support with a trauma coach and healer in relationship abuse and heartache with any clarifications or questions regarding to the course.

Join Rebuild Your Self-Worth as well and receive a free private 1hr trauma recovery session by Zoom value $550.

Immediate benefits:

  • Lifetime access to unlimited healing

  • Engage in a variety of powerful modalities to move into worthiness

  • Learn and grow at your own pace

  • Results-driven steps for you to take

  • Trust your intuition and deep knowing of yourself to make powerful choices in relationships
  • Be in control of toxic relationships and learn what you need to let go for you to find your self-worth

  • Make friends with rejection as your path to alignment and how to approach narcissists 

  • Empower yourself with knowledge and regain awareness of how childhood trauma contributes to different forms of social anxiety and relationship toxicity

  • Embody sincerity in true confidence 

  • Shed away your projection of dysfunctional family dynamics and current experiences of relationships

  • Create your heaven on earth by feeling into your potential in love and magnetise your soul mate


1. What's next?

Your login will be emailed to you once payment has been received.

2. Who is this program for?

This is for you if you're genuinely wish to experience a holistic way to trauma healing and find inner transformation.

You're currently suffering from... 

  • Stress
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Relationship abuse, sexual abuse or relationship break down
  • Dysfunctional family dynamics
  • Childhood trauma
  • Low self-esteem 

3. How do you create safety and trust to quickly releasing trauma that isn't risky?

In this program, we quickly identify the underlying emotional driver of trauma before delivering specific processes to let go of stuck patterns. 

4. What are the immediate benefits for someone to work with you as opposed to seeking a clinical psychologist? 

Based on feedback, members and clients who see me for guidance, find it helpful to be diagnosed and have a better understanding of their mental health conditions with their psychologist however they feel their emotional trauma hasn't been addressed. They crave results through a sensory approach with awakening experiences into themselves that propel them moving forward in their self-esteem, personal and professional relationships and in life. 

5. Do you provide payment plans?

Yes 2 monthly payments of $420 by paypal. Paypal email:

6. Can I get a refund if I change my mind or unforeseen circumstances? 

We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee where if you unsatisfied with the content within 24hrs after you received your login, we refund your money back. You must email within 24hrs after login in order to receive a refund. Refunds are not issued for change of mind or unforeseen circumstances because you're committed to your self-worth.