Rejuvenate Your Temple

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Rejuvenate Your Temple

Stress less with more emotional support through a holistic and sensory approach. Take back control, rebuild confidence and find yourself in worthiness. Start your journey to loving you.

This includes:

  • 12 divinely therapeutic grade essential oils for emotional release and support comes with a 10hr mist home diffuser to deepen your experience plus 2 x nutrient dense beverages packed with antioxidants like goji berries, blueberries, cherries and therapeutic grade orange and lemon essential oils, Thieves hand sanitiser and spray (contains blend of lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary therapeutic grade essential oils) for protection and hygiene uses delivered to you by Australia Post valued at $300
  • Lifetime access to wellness session to support you with using therapeutic grade essential oils and trauma release techniques to manage emotional overwhelm in your day to day valued at $250
  • Lifetime access Find the Joy in Life, an online healing class to celebrate your true being value at $198
  • Quick guide: Move Anxiety into Self-Acceptance, understand the impacts of 5 types of childhood trauma valued at $99 

Total value: $847

Immediate Benefits: 

  • Deepen your trauma healing process by bringing you back to your senses and grounding into your way of being
  • Move into confidence, clarity and control
  • Reconnect with feelings of self-worth 
  • Sustainable approach to managing stress levels 
  • Instantly feel relaxed and sense of calm
  • Find empowerment at your fingertips 


1. What's therapeutic grade essential oils and how is it different to your average essential oil? 

Therapeutic grade provides health benefits due to the unadulterated state of the essential oils. To do so, requires organic soil farms, high quality equipment and the right amount of time for the extraction process for each essential oil to be deemed as therapeutic grade. What you see in the marketplace is use for aromatic purposes therefore can't be ingested or applied to the skin.

Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils are produced with high excellence and integrity where the farms for essential oils to be harvested on organic soil meaning no chemicals or pesticides are used to contaminate the essential oil. Young Living uses glass and stainless as these materials in the extraction and gentle steam distillation process as these materials don't rust therefore avoiding changes in the chemical composition in the essential oils whereas metal and steel does and adulterates the quality of the oil. Each essential oils has to be extract when it's the ripe time at its most potency e.g Ylang Ylang needs to be harvested at 2am for it to be most potent in its therapeutic properties. The distillation process is important where Young Living uses traditional gentle distillation process where this takes more time to extract the essential oil to preserve it's therapeutic grade benefits where high steam or chemical distillation causes the essential oil to lose its therapeutic properties. This is why Young Living is a premium brand and perhaps seen as the most expensive range of essential oils due to the resources invested to produce high quality therapeutic grade essential oils and products.

2. What's next?

You will be emailed a login to access your wellness session and Find the Joy in Life online healing class for you to start releasing trauma in the most gentlest way. The quick guide will be sent to you by email as well with your login for you to download and yours to keep for life! Your therapeutic grade essential oils kit will be delivered by Australia Post and you will receive email and text notifications when it will arrive. Delivery time will vary dependent on your location as this will be dispatched from Baulkham Hills, NSW, Australia. These kits can't be picked up due to the current climate with COVID-19.

3. Who is this program for?

This is for you if you're genuinely wish to experience a holistic way and sustainable approach to trauma healing.

You're currently suffering from... 

  • Stress
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Relationship abuse, sexual abuse or relationship break down
  • Dysfunctional family dynamics
  • Childhood trauma
  • Low self-esteem 

4. Who is this not for?

This isn't for you if you're suffering from severe mental health conditions and heavily reliant on prescription medication. If you are pregnant or unsure if they would interact with your medication or your neurological conditions, please consult with your doctor and present the list of ingredients in the essential oils.

5. Do you provide payment plans?

No, payment plans are not offered for this program.

6. Can I get a refund if I change my mind or unforeseen circumstances? 

No. This is a commitment to honouring your body,mind and soul.

Please note that Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils are not intended to use, diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases and illnesses.