Rediscover Your Self Worth

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Rediscover Your Self Worth


Take back control, find clarity and connection in chaos. Help is here, rebuild confidence, have freedom of choice by moving into worthiness and wellbeing, not loneliness with this exclusive online package. Remember, your healing starts with your feelings.

This includes:

  • 1 Young Living Premium Kit includes 11 therapeutic grade essential oils for wellness and healthy living, 10hr mist home diffuser, Thieves hand sanitiser, 2 NingXia Red high packed antioxidant beverages for energy and vitality plus essential oils roll on cap to use your favourite essential oil as a natural fragrance with Australia Post shipping valued at $271
  • 1 private wellness video or phone call to support you how to use therapeutic grade essential oils to manage stress levels in your day to day and how to start minimising stress triggers valued at $99
  • ONE TIME OFFER ONLY:Receive $225 worth of Young Living organic and toxic-free products to healthy living
  • BONUS GIFT: Get access to my online course called Restore Your Confidence valued at $99

Immediate Benefits: 

  • Expanded awareness - see things beyond victimhood and through empowerment
  • Increased levels of confidence, openess and control
  • Sustainably managing stress levels through holistic alternatives
  • Reality check by letting go of false hope 
  • Feel supported in levels of productivity, focus, consciousness and mood
  • Instantly feel grounded, relaxed and sense of calm
  • Healthy and long term approach to boosting your well-being

Total value $694 but now $330 


Do you provide payment plans?

We don't provide payment plans for any product or service under $1000.

What can I expect to get out of this experience? 

Every person's experience is unique and dependent on you participation. The more you participate (from the heart) the more you get out of your comfort zone to experience real confidence, heartfelt connections and freedom.  Remember this mantra, ask and you shall receive.

Why see a trauma coach and healer over a clinical psychologist? 

Based on the feedback we've heard from the people who choose to work with us is their experiences with a psychologist can be helpful in gaining further insights about themselves and hearing the diagnosis of their problem however they feel the cause of the problem hasn't been dealt with on a deep emotional and restorative level or some may not feel they got much out of it in a clinical setting. Our approach we've taken on is working with you in a short period of time from day 1 to heal your traumatic experience in 3.5 days or in 3 months through our retreats, workshops and programs delivering results in a safe space. This forms healthy boundaries, minimise co-dependency with a therapist, be an enabler not a victim and receive honest feedback. The healing is in the feeling. 

I know someone who's keen to get their hands on this, what's the process for registration? 

Great question! Share this link, they then hit ADD to cart and CHECKOUT to fill in their details for the purpose of registration and they pay by either PayPal, bank card or credit card. Then they receive a confirmation email and text of the workshop details. Plus we reward referrals, so let us know if you're sending someone our way and when they book in successfully, we gift you a Young Living orange essential oil (perfect in diffusing in your room or spraying on yourself for an uplifting and warm vibe to find in your day to day).

Can I get a refund if I change my mind or unforeseen circumstances? 

No, it's just like purchasing any other limited time only offer. 

What do you do if I want to pass on an activity that makes me feel uncomfortable?  

We would encourage you to participate in all activities to get the best outcome from these experiences however if you're still hesitant, then we can provide a modified activity. The choice is yours.