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Mind Your Sanctuary Membership

Restore calm and clarity. Let go of your fears, move into freedom. Experience zen in the midst of chaos or crisis and take back control in your day to day. Get grounded and focus with access to a trauma coach and healer at your fingertips 24/7 with this online monthly membership.

Think of it as a gym membership for the mind and spirit.

Find Your YOU

"Thank you Jessica for the webinars, healing and Sacred Sharing Circle sessions. You’re so in-tuned and en pointe about what needs to be healed, and understand where we were coming from. I highly recommend working with her thoroughly to not only heal yourself or clear any trauma or wounding, but more importantly, through this, to help understand more, love and take care of ourselves. Blessings." Rachel Ngui

"I felt very energetic." Tonille

"If you feel you are ready to make an actual change in you life, Jessica Goh is a professional that will build a personalised pathway for you to achieve that goal. This pathway includes insights that make you understand your situation from a productive perspective and most importantly, this pathway will connect your mind to your feelings, which becomes the engine to start and maintain the desired changes. In the same way, if you desperately want a change but you do not feel you are ready or capable, Jessica can guide you to develop this confidence and start the healing process with a legitimately positive attitude towards change." Juan David Velasco

"I haven't felt this relaxed for a very long time. One of the best experiences." Omar

This includes:

  • 24/7 Online support with a trauma coach and healer by email, text, whatsapp or Facebook messenger to have your questions answered 
  • Be part of a supportive online community and let go of loneliness in our private Facebook group to connect with like-minded people and receive support
  • Fortnightly 60 min online trauma healing classes through bodywork, breathwork, tapping, guided meditation, singing bowl, sound therapy, ecstatic dance, chanting and mindset workout
  • Recorded online healing classes sent to you by email upon request whether you join us live or not 
  • Monthly 90 min online Sacred Sharing Circle where you get to share what's going on in your world in a safe space and receive personalised guidance from a trauma coach and healer and support from the tribe (these sessions won't be recorded) 
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 100% Refund your money back after your first class if unsatisfied or cancel anytime

Immediate benefits: 

  • No joining fees and cancellation fees

  • No locked in contract - cancel anytime

  • Stress less with a calmer mind 

  • Let go of emotional resistance to self-love and self-worth

  • Evoke inspiration and motivation for living your best life

  • Feel at peace with yourself

  • Raise mindfulness and consciousness

  • Be more grounded and focused in your journey ahead

  • Open your mind to opportunities, growth and success


1. Why is there a strong need for a trauma coach? Move beyond mountains. With 3 million Australians living with anxiety or depression according to Beyond Blue, the constant rise in mental health is growing at a rapid pace with what's going on in the world. Many are turning to quick fixes such as drugs (prescription, recreational and illegal), alcohol, sex, violence, theft, work, retail therapy, netflix and social media as a way to escape from their daily problems of having to deal with real cause of the problem. Trauma. The healing starts with your feelings. Having the support of a trauma coach and a private support group at your fingertips can help you navigate through the highs and lows of life especially setbacks that can havoc with your emotional and mental well-being. 

2. How do you help me struggling with fear and anxiety? Although every person is unique, there are many similarities we share. Knowing and understanding these behaviours has enabled us to develop a methodology that ensures great results. Jessica Goh brings structure, strategy and empowerment to her members and clients.  

3. What are the immediate benefits for someone to work with you as opposed to seeking help from Lifeline or a clinical psychologist? Based on feedback, clients who see us find it helpful to be diagnosed and have a better understanding of their mental health conditions however they feel their emotional trauma hasn't been addressed. They crave results through a sensory approach with awakening experiences into themselves that propel them moving forward in their self-esteem, personal and professional relationships and in life. Healthy boundaries are created between coach and client so this dissolves co-dependency helping you to become more independent in your way of thinking, feeling and being. 

4. How does it work if I can't continue my membership or I would like to pause it for a month or so? Email jess@lifeinconfidence.com or text 0424 181 494 to either pause or cancel your membership so your direct debit will be stopped.