Live Your Deepest Desires

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Live Your Deepest Desires

This is all about redefining who you are by giving up your badass who loves to sabotage and procrastinate and embody real confidence so you have the courage, strength and power like a warrior to make your dreams come true because you know that it's time to live it and celebrate you!

What you need to Live Your Deepest Desires includes...



  • Set Your World On Fire Retreat valued at $2900


  • 12x Personalized confidence seshs valued $5400


  • 90 days unlimited support with a confidence mentor valued $1500


  • 24/7 Access to Restore Your Confidence Course valued $94.99


  • Access to a year's worth of Say YES To You workshops valued $396


  • Access to a year's worth of Confidence talks valued $110

This a celebration of the real you and how to live your dream life valued at $13,300 and is yours for $7000.

Are payment plans available? Yes we have super affordable plans from $700 x 10 months, $500 x 14 months or $389 x 18 months. 

Email to be set up on one of these plans.

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