Life In Confidence 6 months

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Life In Confidence 6 months

Transform self-sabotage to self love in 6 months  

This is all about you and your self-discovery to living an authentic life.

Here's what you experience:  

  • One to one personalized sessions catered to your needs and desired outcomes with the option of face to face, over the phone or Skype 
  • Clear the roadblocks to experience a life in flow through a clear pathway  
  • Retrain the mind with supportive beliefs 
  • Let go of your current belief system by dissolving your past conditioning 
  • A skill you're trained in for life to sustainable happiness 
  • How to set clear boundaries to form healthy relationships with people  
  • How to use your authentic confidence to express your truth, desires and needs 
  • Create and strengthen a self-loving and nurturing relationship 
  • Working with a confidence coach with unlimited support and guidance to fast-track your progress


NB: All payments must be made prior to your coaching session. 

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  • 5
    Life in confidence is possible!

    Posted by David Wang on 24th Apr 2018

    I highly recommend Jessica’s one on one coaching sessions. I was blown away by what I’ve been able to achieve. Jess guides along your journey to tackle your low level energy, such as fear, regret, anger and so forth. By fighting your demon head on, your able to replace it with self fulfilling love, which will lead you to a life of abundance. It felt amazing at the end whereby your able to visualise and feel (Jessica stresses the importance of emotion) a “life in confidence.”

    Well done Jess, keep it up. Many more people would benefit from your work.

  • 5
    Jess is very personable & experienced

    Posted by Linda Lam on 24th Apr 2018

    Jess is a very personable coach who is able to identify very quickly what your personal needs are and is able to tailor strategies to help with your personal development and restore your confidence. I thoroughly enjoy the one on one coaching sessions where I am able to draw on Jess' personal experience and implement her self love toolkit & strategies to help rebuild myself & self confidence. Keep up the great work Jess!