Ignite Your Core Confidence Retreat

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Breathtaking views from the retreat

This 3 day transformational retreat takes you on a deep dive to confronting and overcoming your underlying issues from your past, your false beliefs and identity of yourself, low vibe energy that's keeping you stuck in your 'comfort zone' a.k.a danger zone and the hardwired conditioning from your family dynamics that’s standing in the way of your core confidence and the real you.

From there, you can access a new way of being, experience freedom and inner peace, embrace self-love and trust in yourself and embody rocking core confidence so you can go out into the world and live a courageous and fulfilling life.

Not only you experience a full blown healthy and exciting relationship with yourself and life but also engaging in the power of vulnerability to connect with our confidence tribe in a real way through real confidence and real connections. The safety of the group and with like-minded confidence seekers are there to help you receive more support than one to one mentoring so you can fall in love with the real you and bring that into your everyday life. However you still have your confidence mentor to show you the doorway in claiming your confidence and life back with super fun and engaging activities, personalised confidence mentoring and the support to help you face your badass that keeps you in your old ways.

Your beautiful journey also includes...


  • Full blown connection to the best version of you and have real relationships with people in the group that you can bring into your real world


  • Daily yoga classes to stretch your body away of stress and tension so you can experience energy flow throughout your body


  • Declutter the busy mind with daily powerful meditation that will rock your world and send your happy vibes through the roof


  • Cleanse your body with healthy and super delicious variety of vegetarian meals and supercharge your energy as well as nourishing the soul


  • Cosy accommodation with breathtaking views of the mountains (just 90mins drive away from the city) and enjoy the fireplace, heaters, library,  outdoor pool (if you're game!) and meeting other retreaters


  • Leisure time for bushwalking and feeding the hens


When: Friday 28 June to Monday 1 July 2019 

Check-In Time: 3pm

Dinner: 7:15pm-8:30pm

Where: Happy Buddha Retreats, 50 Railway Parade, Wentworth Falls, NSW, 2782


This retreat is ONLY available to the FIRST 8 CONFIDENT SEEKERS who want to ignite their core confidence and set their world on fire!