Ignite Your Core Confidence Retreat

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Breathtaking views from the retreat

This 3 day transformational retreat takes you on a deep dive to overcome your underlying lifelong issues from your past that's keeping you stuck in your danger zone and the hardwired conditioning from your family dynamics that’s standing in the way of celebrating the real you.

From there, you can access a new way of being, move forward to living from your deepest desires and with rocking real confidence!

Are you ready to set your confidence on fire? 

What your breakthrough experience includes...


  • Smash that limitation or false belief so you can experience freedom, inner peace and self-love


  • Ignite real connections with people and feel supported by like-minded people and safety from a mentor on your discovery to embracing the real you


  • Light up your world with love, joy and empowerment


  • Daily yoga classes to connect to your breath and body so you’re grounded and present for your life changing experience


  • Nightly powerful meditations so you can experience, feel and have your big, bright and radiantly new future


  • Super tasty vegetarian meals provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner to cleanse your body and channel a high vibe energy of self-love


  • Accommodation in Happy Buddha Retreat, Blue Mountains for rest and play with bushwalking, feed the hens or witness with mother nature at her best in your leisure time so you’re connected to the energy of abundance


When: Friday 28 June to Monday 1 July 2019 
            Friday 30 August to Monday 2 September 2019
            Friday 28 November to Monday 1 December 2019

Check-In Time: 3pm

Dinner: 7:15pm-8:30pm

Where: Happy Buddha Retreats, 50 Railway Parade, Wentworth Falls, NSW, 2782

How To Get There? There's free parking at the retreat if you're driving or catch a train from Central station to Wentworth Falls station and we'll pick you up from the station to the retreat.

Are payment plans available? Yes we have super affordable plans as low as $250 X 10 months.

Email jess@lifeinconfidence.com on how to get started with igniting your core confidence. 

This life-changing experience is worth celebrating and exclusive to 8 people.

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