How To Have Real Conversations With Confidence

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How To Have Real Conversations With Confidence
Want to have the confidence to strike a conversation at any event or that it's ok to just be yourself?
Overcome your fear of social anxiety and isolation by building your social confidence in this 1-hour workshop hosted by confidence expert Jessica Goh.
This is the perfect chance to connect to your core confidence and create real connections with people through a series of engaging activities.
This super fun 1 hour workshop is limited to 12 spots only!

A ticket to this workshop is valued at $299 but is only $20 to the first 12 people.

Date: Saturday 15 June 2019

Time: 10am-11am

Venue: Joe & The Juice, 139 Pitt St, Sydney (2 min walk from Westfields Pitt St)

Join in for a casual day of knowledge, interaction and fun and get your confidence hit!

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