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Feel like you're stuck in a rut?

Do you blame others for your unhappiness, frustration and loss?

Are you ready to experience a life that you truly love?

This FREE online confidence workshop is just what you need!

Your host & confidence coach, Jessica Goh will share with you some key points on...

1. How our emotions can play a havoc in our lives?

2. Identify the root cause of low vibe emotions?

3. How we can harness them to inspire us to lead a life we truly want?

4. How you can turn your life around and feel empowered with through our confidence coaching courses?

Date: Monday 13 August 2018

Time: 8:00pm-8:45pm

Where: Facebook Live. To REGISTER at the convenience of your home, like and click the FOLLOW button to get updates of our live workshop.

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