Find Yourself in Trust

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Find Yourself in Trust

Discover your success in self-worth

"With her amazing skills, Jessica guided me in a process that made me unleashed my suppressed anger and rage. After this happened, I was able to start thinking with my feelings. The result was an unbelievable decrease my anxiety!!! I could managed my emotions and focus on my career without anxiety!!! Thank you Jessica!!

Juan David Velasco

“Thank you so much for what you have done for me. Your help and guidance has really given me so much drive and motivation to move forward in my life I can’t thank you enough and all the other people’s lives you have touched. Thank you so much again.”

Stephen Hall 

"I did the program with Jess. What made me do the program, I was feeling stuck with work and socially and lost. What changed for me was that I was able to learn from my self-sabotage behaviours. While I was doing the program, I got a new job and a massive payrise and a brand new relationship with a guy who's extremely supportive." 

Zofia Barnes 

"I came to see Jess because I had a lot of issues in life. I had a very low motivation, heaps of procrastination issues. Jess was able to work through the deep issue. I was able to release a lot of the anger and gives me a lot of clarity where to go and I look forward to more sessions with Jess to get more clarity and more confidence in life. Give it a try, you got nothing to lose."

David Wang 

Turn triggers into triumph

Many young professionals feel unfulfilled, not knowing their own identity or purpose in lifeSeemingly forced to follow the status quo or the ‘normal’ they know, without further curiosity into living a life of certainty and walking in passionMost don’t know any different or where to seek guidance and support.

”One quarter of Australians will experience an Anxiety condition in their lifetime.” Australian Bureau of Statistics 

1 in 8 Australians is currently experiencing high or very high psychological distress." Beyond Blue 

Identifying the cause of unworthiness to receive what your heart deeply desires is transformational. It will change the way you see yourself and how you show up in life. Structure and strategy are needed to ensure your success. Avoid repeating the same mistakes. Shake up your comfort zone and move into empowerment. 

Now is the time to live from your heart 

Your journey to love and connection includes: 

  • 12 personalised private coaching calls (by phone, Zoom or Facebook messenger) to release stuck in a rut patterns from relationship abuse and childhood trauma as well as addressing emotional resistance to self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth

  • Soul work in between private sessions where you're given practical and results-focused activities to drive your confidence into certainty

  • 3 months of unlimited support with a trauma coach and healer by text, whatsapp, email and/or Facebook messenger to help you move forward in any roadblocks you face in our time together

  • 3 months of Mind Your Sanctuary membership where you get access to fortnightly group trauma healing classes, monthly Sacred Sharing Circle and be part of a private Facebook community for group support valued at $327

Find alignment not anxiety

Immediate Benefits:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Full refund your money back after the first session if unsatisfied

  • Highly confidential: Your privacy is protected and personal information won’t be disclosed to any third party

  • Expanded perception - see things outside the box of limitation

  • Regaining momentum and motivation to live towards your outcome

  • Increased levels of confidence, connection and trust

  • Lower intensity of anxiety

  • Be in control of internal and external chaos

  • Letting go of attachments to the past 

  • Releasing low vibe energy and fearful patterns

  • Elevated levels in productivity, focus, concentration, consciousness and happiness 

  • Raising feel good feelings of self-worth, self-acceptance and self-love

Turn loneliness into worthiness.


1. Why is there a strong need for a trauma coach? Move beyond mountains. With 3 million Australians living with anxiety or depression according to Beyond Blue, the constant rise in mental health is growing at a rapid pace with what's going on in the world. Many are turning to quick fixes such as drugs (prescription, recreational and illegal), alcohol, sex, violence, theft, work, retail therapy, netflix and social media as a way to escape from their daily problems of having to deal with real cause of the problem. Trauma. The healing starts with your feelings. Having the support of a trauma coach and a private support group at your fingertips can help you navigate through the highs and lows of life especially setbacks that can havoc with your emotional and mental well-being. This requires structure, strategy and empowerment for you to experience clarity, growth and support. It's time for you to find yourself in trust. 
2. How do you help me struggling with fear and anxiety? Although every person is unique, there are many similarities we share. Knowing and understanding these behaviours has enabled us to develop a methodology that ensures great results. Jessica Goh brings structure, strategy and empowerment to her clients. 



The framework of each session crafted to tailor to your needs. This is to ensure healthy boundaries between the coach and client and deliver the process efficiently and effectively. 


A variety of healing modalities are executed to swiftly release trauma smoothly and safely for you to raise consciousness and calmness. 


Take back control with clarity and growth through support so you can bring this into your personal and professional relationships. 

3. Who is this for and who is this not for? Take action through participation. Questions are the answers. Knowledge is power.

This path is for you if you're currently suffering from...

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship abuse, sexual abuse or relationship break down
  • Dysfunctional family dynamics
  • Childhood trauma
  • Low self-esteem 

You want to find ways to be self-sufficient and sustainable with your happiness and confidence in the workplace and personal relationships.

You highly value your health, wellness, mindfulness, self-development, spiritual growth and self-worth and be willing to let go of past pains and attachments that are keeping you stuck.

You have a deep desire and willingness to be a humble learner wanting to raise self-awareness and take back control in your day to day. 

Who is this not for?

This program isn't for you if you...

  • Rely heavily on clinical and psychiatric care
  • Looking for a quick fix to resolve all of your life's problems
  • Sceptic to alternative approach to well-being
  • Expect things to be easy
  • Unwilling to go out of your comfort zone 
  • Be an observer and unwilling to participate
  • 'Know-it-all' approach
  • Thrive in victimisation and scarcity
  • Trust lack and comfort over abundance and opportunities
  • Want a tip and tricks approach to life
4. What are the immediate benefits for someone to work with you as opposed to seeking help from Lifeline or a clinical psychologist? Based on feedback, members and clients who see me for guidance, find it helpful to be diagnosed and have a better understanding of their mental health conditions with their psychologist however they feel their emotional trauma hasn't been addressed. This is the same with Lifeline where they don't even consider them for support because they associate it as my last attempt for help or haven't considered Lifeline at all. They crave results through a sensory approach with awakening experiences into themselves that propel them moving forward in their self-esteem, personal and professional relationships and in life. It's breaking away codependency with their therapist and finding independence through healthy boundaries between myself and my clients where they can rediscover a deep way of thinking and feeling into their way of being. In particular, millennials deeply desire connection because of the disconnection to their hearts and addictions to their devices. However, there is a limit to what mental health conditions I work with. Anyone in heavy reliance on psychiatric and clinical care as well as medication is out of my scope of work and may not be suitable for my services.
5. How do you create safety and trust to quickly releasing trauma that isn't risky? Consultation is required in the first session where we identify the underlying emotional driver of trauma before delivering personalised processes to let go of stuck patterns. Modified activities are provided if you're not ready to go deeper in your trauma release experience while support is provided in between sessions so you're not left in the dark. 
6. What type of mental health conditions you work with and how do you effectively address them? Typically I work with people suffering from low self-esteem and mild anxiety however I've taken on clients who have OCD, depression, Aspergers and addictions. I don't work with people under heavy clinical and psychiatric care as it's out of my scope of work. 
7. What kind of training qualifies you to be a trauma coach and healer? I help you move from unworthiness to happiness in my skills of life coaching, character analysis, core energetics, bio energetics, constellations, voice dialogue and body work.
8. What's your personal background in trauma and how have you addressed them? What sets me apart from other life coaches, counsellors, healers and psychologists is my REAL LIFE experiences with 20 years of trauma (including sexual abuse, relationship abuse, dysfunctional family dynamics, childhood trauma, domestic violence, bullying, anger management and high anxiety) and what it takes to decide to be on the other side. 
9. What if I can't pay the upfront amount? Do you offer payment plans that would fit into my current budget? Glad you asked! I now offer 2 options instead of just 1. You can either commit to 3 payments of $779 or 10 payments of $239. The current price and payment options are valid until 30 June 2020 as restrictions keep lifting so will the price of this program. Take back control and move into flow. Email for payment plan.

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