Essential Oils

Feel supported and guided with the use of Young Living essential oils. Why Young Living and why essential oils? And how can they help you?

It's first recorded that essential oils were used in Chinese and Indian medicine between 3000 and 2000 BC with Cinnamon, Sandalwood and Ginger used for healing. While Egyptians use essential oils for ointments and cosmetic purposes as early as 4500 BC. You can find out more in this thorough scientific research on essential oils by BioMed Research International

essential-oils-used-ancient-egypt-ceremonies.jpgHow is this relevant to you? We live in a fast paced, technological advanced era where we thrive on high anxiety and adrenaline and consume toxins into our bodies without much thought in how we're harming ourselves through accumulation of toxic build up. Stress and cortisol are our internal toxins that place an imbalance to our nervous system and lowers immunity.

It's vital to identify what are the triggers to toxicity in your life and what are the ways to overcome them.frankie.jpg

Here's a list of toxicity and stress build up that we face on a daily basis:

  1. Air pollution: City air contains numerous toxins and chemicals we breathe in such as carbon emissions from heavy traffic and fumes from smokers. Watch this video from National Geographic for more info. The depth of your breath is just as important, shallow breathing can create more panic and tension than needed. 
  2. Sleeping patterns: Lack of sleep put more stress on the body causing it to age and fatigue. Read more Better Health VIC Gov.
  3. Water quality: It's vital to purify and filter your water to avoid chemical consumption into your body.
  4. Diet: You are what you eat. Read the ingredient labels on the food you consume and be more selective with menu choices and places to eat.
  5. Relationships: Marriage, separation, divorce, break ups, meltdowns, family dynamics, friendships and professional connections impacts self-esteem and confidence
  6. Technology: Overuse of social media and devices disconnects you from human connection and affects sleeping patterns.blublockers.jpg
  7. Lighting: Excessive blue light radiating from mobile, computer screens, tablets, laptops, lamps and lights during the day causes eyestrain and migraines and at night delays sleeping pattern from not being in circadian rhythm. Learn more at Blublox. Use my coupon code: LICTRIBE for 15% off your Blublox glasses. There's one pair for the day and another for night use to protect your natural sleeping patterns.sleep-glasses.jpg
  8. Me time: Spare time alone before your start your day and before you sleep to restore peace and gratitude such as self reflection, meditation, walking in nature or movement.
  9. Conscious and unconscious trauma: Address childhood abuse, relationship abuse, sexual abuse and mental health issues to lower the intensity of anxiety and reactivity.
  10. Products: High chemical skincare, hair care, hygiene care, body care, deodorant, perfume and fragrances as well as white wash labels that claim to be natural - always look at the ingredient label and question any foreign ingredients.


What are the ways to lower toxicity and stress in your life? I help you become an enabler by addressing conscious and unconscious trauma at my online trauma healing classes and private trauma healing sessions by Zoom well as be in control through engaging in holistic and healthier options where the traditional system has failed.

It's time to take back control and be empowered by your choices with therapeutic grade essential oils like no other.

This is why I choose Young Living. It's important to know about the quality of essential oils you use and purchase by understanding how they are extracted because this determines their potency and purity. It's very common for mainstream essential oils that you see in the dollar shop, online stores and boutique stores have a sweeter scent because sweetness is what sells the product however this can be of the following reasons; lack of purity in the product where other ingredients and fillers are blended in or high chemical, high pressure or high steam distillation process to meet market demand therefore the essential oil extracted isn't as potent as it could be.yl-lemon.jpg

Always do your research when purchasing essential oils and understand where it comes from and how its processed because in the end you're the one who's inhaling it (which takes a few seconds to hit into your heart and liver) and consuming it. You don't want to trash your temple with toxins and nasties because of saving money for a cheaper essential oil product. Another reason why I personally use Young Living because they have high standards of quality in their farms and the method of distillation is gentle steam extracting the essential oil from seed to seal. For instance Ylang Ylang is best harvested at 2am to extract the potency of the flower known for its aphrodisiac properties and other plants, herbs, flowers and trees would require certain timing and distillation processes to capture the true essence of its scent, properties and potency which is more powerful than the plant itself.


If you like to get started, you can grab your kit here including Australia Post delivery and a one to one 1hr wellness session with me on how to use therapeutic grade essential oils for emotional support as I'm registered with YL with my Member Number: 22851233.

This self-care kit includes:

  • 12 array of therapeutic grade essential oils; Panaway, Stress Away, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Valor, Digeze, R.C, Peace and Calming, Thieves and Frankincense 
  • 10hr home mist diffuser which you can change the setting from 1 hr, 4hr to 10 hrs as well as the colours of light or without light
  • 1 Thieves hand sanitiser
  • 1 Thieves spray
  • 2 Ningxia Red beverages which are nutrient rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C to boost energy and well-being
  • 2 roller caps to apply your favourite essential oil as a natural fragrance or for body work
  • 1hr private wellness session by Zoom 

When you have purchased my online wellness program, email to schedule in a private 1hr wellness session by Zoom to use therapeutic grade essential oils according to your stress levels and lifestyle and start to identify and reduce stress triggers in your day to day for optimum wellness and healthy living.

I look forward to supporting your journey from worry into wellness.


With Love & Support,

Jessica Goh | Trauma Expert & Healer in Relationship Abuse 

Life In Confidence