Discover A Career In Satisfaction Course

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Discover A Career In Satisfaction Course

Are you ready to have the career that you actually want?

Let's revive your career baby!

This course is for...

  • How to change careers and get clear on it
  • Building real confidence in the workplace and how to deal with workplace dramas
  • How to ask for a pay-rise and increase your salary
  • Have core confidence in interviews, resume and CV writing with templates provided
  • How to engage in your own self-worth and really own it
  • PLUS 4x career confidence sessions over the phone or Zoom valued at $1500!

What do you need?

  • Basic computer and tech skills to log into a private portal, watch a series of videos and click of downloads and other resources
  • Intermediate to Advanced English and the cool thing is that there are English subtitles

This course is going to knock your socks off so you can wear a different pair in your dream career!

Now it's time to make your dreams come true with a savvy strategy, a clear action plan and dogmatic determination to make it happen. 

And while you're at it, why not grab this course as a gift for the people who are in need of it! Please leave a comment at checkout that "This is a gift and (type the receiver's email)". The course and coupon code will then be sent to your special person to receive this beautiful gift of ambition.

BTW share your course reviews to receive a bonus Confidence Sesh valued at $450. This can be done over the phone, Zoom or Skype!

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