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There are many people like you who are confronted by the same problem today:

"I want to be happy, confident and free but..."

BUT I don't have enough time

BUT I don't think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

BUT I don't think I am good enough

BUT I have been burnt by other coaches, therapists, counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists

BUT spending thousands for help isn't worth it

BUT I'm scared to see what life would really be like if I was confident, happy and free

BUT I don't think I can do it

BUT Does this stuff really work?


So here's the thing...


Let's put aside the excuses and get to know how you CAN be the person you want to be and live the life you love.


What would that look like to you?

Seeing the possibility of your deepest desires are pretty amazing right?

So let's get to know you so you can become your own bestie and cheerleader in your life.


Here Are 3 Most Important Reasons Why People Just Like You Work With Me

smile.jpg 1. GUIDANCE TO LIVING A LIFE IN CONFIDENCE: We all want to feel supported and guided in our journey to self-love and self-confidence however there are people in our life including our parents can have a massive impact on how we see ourselves in the way it is toxic.

I am committed to your journey and deeply devoted to providing you ongoing support in between sessions so we can address any roadblocks that is stopping you from being in flow in our self-relationship, love, career and money. All of your questions are responded within 24 hours to fast-track your progress so you can continually raise your awareness and shift stagnant energy.  

professional.jpg2. HIGHLY EXPERIENCED & TRAINED COACH: What everyday people are drawn to my line of work is that I am your everyday person who shares past pains that resonates with yours. I was brought up in a dysfunctional family where my parents taught me that the purpose for life is all about making money, it's all work and no play. My dad had a sex addiction and my mum saw me as a mother and I had to parent her through the emotional and financial pain as a teenager right into my early 20s whilst witnessing the betrayal from my dad. I didn't have much of a social and dating life and so my life experience in being a young woman was hindered. Being at home wasn't safe so I had to find ways to suppress myself such as indulging in comfort food and locking myself up in my room to avoid domestic violence and verbal abuse.

I had no voice and no identity. I was hiding in confusion, grief, shame, guilt, resentment and anger which showed up as anxiety in the workplace and terror in my relationships with men.

My experiences have resonated with people who suffer from Low Self-Esteem, Depression, Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or the combination of both. The common pattern that I have found through my personal struggles and theirs is a disconnection from our true identity which is seeking truth in our perception by disengaging in the story so we can experience deep self-love.

The wealth of knowledge, lessons and experience in the right coach can make a MASSIVE difference in understanding and addressing your blocks in life so you can free yourself from the pain and confusion.   

personable.jpg 3. PERSONABLE & ACCESSIBLE: In every coaching session, I deliver what form of healing each client needs to breakthrough their pain so they can experience clarity in their thoughts and freedom in their hearts. The first session is normally the longest because I take the time to get to know you as a person, extract information about your family background as this is your conditioning and the unsupportive beliefs attached to your conditioning.

My clients have found that I am quite responsive to their enquiry and I reach out to them to check in how they are and see what else that needs to be shifted so they are not feeling stuck and alone in their pain.


And here's what they have to say...






How does Life In Confidence coaching work? And why is it different?

I am constantly learning and evolving my coaching to deliver the maximum outcome for every client. This method of coaching I use is created by my spiritual teacher and self development mentor, Michelle Rose. It is a holistic healing process where we REVIEW the situation to understand where the fear or imbalanced memory came from, REBALANCE the nervous system by releasing trapped fear out of our perception and bodies. Then we REPLACE fear with love through a spiritual practice to move into a place of spiritual awareness, love and appreciation.  

This gives us clarity in our thoughts and love back into our hearts to be vulnerable, happy and at peace.

This form of healing has enabled me and my clients to experience one or more of the following outcomes:

Shifting low vibe energy such as confusion, anger, frustration and paralysis into high vibe emotions like love, clarity and appreciation enables us to have a wholesome perspective and live a fulfilling life! I also use other healing modalities such as constellations and learning how the mind is connected with the body as a student of Robert Kirby, singing bowl meditation to rebalance the chakras and affirmation meditation to invite supportive beliefs into the mind.

What I share with you is a powerful tool that you can use for life. 

And here's what else they have to say...  

"I got the job! Thank you so much for all your help! The money is even better than I thought it would be too. I am so excited to start this new chapter! You have been so amazing.

I just wanted to say thank you again for everything. I'm feeling in such a good place now.

It's amazing how much this has helped me."

-Zofia Barnes, from admin girl to now personal banker with 15K salary increase plus bonuses!

Watch Zofia's Story



-David Wang, from maths school teacher to making a difference in people's financial security

Watch David's Story

"Thank you Jess for your help. I really appreciate it."

-Ara Ohannesian, building & construction entrepreneur, styling makeover and growing in self confidence


"As I have always worn a uniform to work and have not been a busy social person, I am loving to put together a wardrobe for business events, social events and to enhance my femininity. I am now finding it a lot more fun to look for and buy clothes that I know will not break my budget and not clutter my wardrobe with items I won't wear, as I used to. I'm saving money and feel a lot more confident. It has been a very rewarding experience and I am always looking forward to working with Jessica." 

-Jenny Vindin from Kyaniin styling confident whilst building her business



              Your Journey To A Blissful Life Starts Here




Discover your happiness in a self-nurturing relationship!  

This is all about you and your self-discovery to living an authentic life.

Here's what you experience: 

  • One to one personalized sessions catered to your needs and desired outcomes with the option of face to face, over the phone or Skype
  • Clear the roadblocks to experience a life in flow through a clear pathway 
  • Retrain the mind with supportive beliefs
  • Let go of your current belief system by dissolving your past conditioning 
  • A skill you're trained in for life to sustainable happiness
  • How to set clear boundaries to form healthy relationships with people 
  • How to use your authentic confidence to express your truth, desires and needs
  • Create and strengthen a self-loving and nurturing relationship
  • Working with a confidence coach with unlimited support and guidance to fast-track your progress


Discover your happiness, clarity & freedom in 3 months FOR $4997


Transform self-sabotage to self love in 6 months FOR $6997


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"Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime." -Chinese Proverbs  

Our coaching programs are not a quick fix, it is designed to give you a skill to support your happiness so you can experience a life in confidence.