Work It Baby

Posted by Jessica Goh on 25th Mar 2019

"Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision."

-Winston Churchill

Real confidence is mustering up the courage to make a choice that's right for you. Would you agree that it's easy to go with our fight and flight mode response than to take a moment to tune in what is it that you really want?

To think with your head and not listening to your heart.

To choose anxiety and stress over self-love and inner peace.

To say no to you instead of yes.

This is living in surface level confidence. The survival way of being where you're stuck in the past living each day in fear and anxiety whether you're aware of it or not. I sure wasn't until I saw my second coach!

If you want to have the confidence to be real and live from your deepest desires, you MUST shift your attachment to surface confidence to core confidence and make choices from the best version of you. 

You may ask, how do I do that? 

You're in for a real treat my friend. It all starts here from your thoughts, feelings, energy and actions. Let's get back to the start.

Step 1. Shift Your Thoughts: Write down your number 1 thing that you want to have this year.

Step 2. Shift Your Feelings: Listen to medi music and focus on the feelings you would get from having this 1 thing.

Step 3. Shift Your Energy: Then go for a 2 min walk and imagine you're already in the energy of having that 1 thing.

Step 4. Shift Your Actions: This is the real test here. Take whatever actions you need to make it happen.

Play these steps on repeat and have some fun with this! This is all about letting go of the old version of you and moving into self-empowerment. The universe rewards action and it's willing to dance with you if you dance with it.

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