What to do to Empower Yourself in Self-Isolation

Posted by Jessica Goh on 30th Mar 2020

Hey Beautiful,

How you can find self-empowerment in self-isolation during COVID-19? While others may view it as a downer to their social life or the freedom to venture out, there are benefits to finding yourself in self-isolation. Here's the link tonight's webinar on Move from Worry to Wellbeing at 8pm Sydney Time to discover more. I'm also providing my first ever online workshop called How to Have Social Confidence & Self-Love which you can book here.

In the meantime, you might be thinking, why?

This is the perfect time to switch off from the influence of negativity, social media and technology to find solace from within and connect with gratitude and self-appreciation.

Here are 3 things you can do during self-isolation to discover self-empowerment that you can bring out into the real world.

1. Follow Nature's Rhythm: Wake up and fall asleep with your natural circadian rhythm by watching the sunrise and sunset. Using natural light to help you get into flow in your energy cycles whereas constantly looking at blue light from mobiles, artificial lights, computers, tablets and laptops can cause eyestrain, migraines and delaying natural sleeping patterns. Check out Blublox. Research shows that 20 minutes in nature can help increase Serotonin levels. Spend more time with nature and less time on your phone and technology.

2. Invest Rich Time: How to spend your time wisely during self-isolation by identifying where are you currently spending your time that's not serving you such as killing time on social media or dwelling in confusion. Instead spend time to immerse yourself into resources such as mentor, courses, podcasts and books that will support your confidence for you to fall out of fear and embrace trust. A good start would be journalling what would you want to experience and achieve this year. I would challenge you to write a goal from victim or ego and create one that comes from your heart. For instance, I hear many people saying to me that they want to be in a relationship but what would it require for you to get there? It's not just about creating an online profile or showing up to speed dating events, because many of us are fearful of putting ourselves out there. Consider what are the internal challenges that is stopping you from being in love. So if you desire to be in a relationship, your goal instead would be to fully embrace self-love and self-acceptance by letting go of the past. That would be the goal before you proceed in dating and relationships. If this is difficult to go into, email me at jess@lifeinconfidence.com or book a free 30 minute discovery call with myself on 0424 181 494.

3. Self-Reflection: Healing is in the feeling and the feeling starts the healing. There are so many people that I come across who are looking for a quick fix to get to where they want to be without investing money on themselves or find a way where they don't feel the emotional pain that they covered up and numb themselves from feeling the heaviness of their stuck emotions. During my professional and personal experience of trauma coaching and healing, I find my clients and myself receive the best results by reconnecting to our feelings and let go of the emotions that we've suppressed. The more we feel, the more we let go and this is where we feel more conscious, more expansive and more free to be ourselves. Start by reflecting on what's holding you back in your life? What are the emotions showing up for you? Then feel it and express it. If you feel sad, then cry or sit with the feelings of grief. If you feel angry then yell and throw a tantrum. This can be facilitated at Turn Trauma into Trust workshop where I take you on a healing journey to move from loneliness to worthiness.

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