Welcome The Good, The Bad & The Fugly!

Posted by Jessica Goh on 6th May 2019

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."                                                                            C.S. Lewis

Do you feel like you have to watch your back?

A couple of weeks ago I learnt to let go of betrayal. With betrayal, there's a sense of uneasiness with people and mistrust. Your bullshit radar alerts that something is up. Know that feeling?

It lowers self confidence and shatters your belief and trust in others and life. My breakthrough experience has been about certain people who create circumstances that appear to be backstabbing and boy, I was brewing. I had to enquire inward to see the pain of betrayal I was holding onto that has helped me bubble up grief-the loss of being real.

Here's what showed up for me:

  1. The betrayal of my badass self for not having certain materialistic things in my life which I could have if I didn't mess up my finances 3.5yrs ago.
  2. The betrayal of my core confidence that I had to disown it to "blend in" with the crowd and not show my own uniqueness that defines who I am.
  3. People come into our lives for a reason and it's not to piss us off, it's to bring it to our attention what we're doing to ourselves.

It feels so good to have finally let go of the overpowering resentment and anguish that I had towards people and most importantly towards me. Each day is a journey to love and do me.

Do you feel me? If so, share this Mindful Monday with someone who is in need of reading this. You're helping them out by showing them a different perspective on life.

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