That Badass...

Posted by Jessica Goh on 15th Apr 2019

"Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday."

Don Marquis

This week I'll be talking about all things badass. And I mean the badass in you. If you missed out on last Mindful Monday, go to Quit Being A Baby as the starting point to what I'm about to expand on.

When we don't listen or neglect the baby inside of you (and no I don't mean an actual baby) I mean that part of you that is longing for love, affection and attention. When those needs aren't met like not giving yourself time to go on a holiday or block out some time to go to that badminton game or do a salsa class, your inner baby will throw a tanty and scream out loud that you're ignoring your deepest desire to love you.

The more you keep neglecting your inner baby, it will evolve into your badass, the part of you that wants to self destruct and turn everything into shit.

Here are 8 things that your badass does when you get in your own way...

  1. Procrastination - delaying to get things done that is in your best interest
  2. Putting other people's needs first before your own
  3. Engaging in addictions e.g sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, retail therapy, binge eating, codependency, social media etc
  4. Comparingitis - the need to compare yourself to other people 
  5. Perfectionism - not accepting the reality of your life
  6. Masochism - beating yourself up for not getting it right or that who you are isn't right
  7. Playing the victim and not taking ownership for your part by being in defence
  8. Afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone to face your badass

Have you played a part in any of the 8 things or all of them?

It's the go to thing to do when you're living in fear because it's what you know. Your comfort zone. The experiences of being that inner baby that keeps you stuck in past by reliving those memories that aren't so foreign.

The thing is this. You and I have a badass. It's a part of who we are. It's the part that wants to take us out of the game of playing big in life. It wants to destroy your wildest dreams because it believes you're not worthy of it. The gift in having a badass is this. It keeps us in check with reality, it keeps us real, it helps us to relate and connect to people who are or aren't aware that they have a badass. Behind the badass is underlying pain of emotions that needs to bubble up to the surface and explode from our system so you're letting go one layer at a time of what's not serving you anymore.

Appreciate your badass and give thanks that it's bringing to your attention how you say NO to you so you CAN say YES TO YOU.

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