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Posted by Jessica Goh on 18th Feb 2019

"It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without heart."

-Mahatma Gandhi

Trust your gut, it always tells you the truth.

This week's confidence blog is about bringing your core confidence into your presence which I label as the second level of confidence. Presence level of confidence is the vibe you exude of your very being.

Let's say that you're an anxious person and you have a strong tendency to control things to look, act or be a certain way like keeping people at a distance in a social gathering because it's easier and safer to be in your comfort zone a.k.a danger zone.

When you start interacting with people, the way you come across is fearful, frozen and robotic. People around you can sense that you're an anxious person and behind that anxiety is a cover up of victimisation. 

Wouldn't it be great if you can experience life in a far more healthier, happier and heartfelt way? 

Check out this powerful tool that I have adapted from Dr Joe Dispenza that can help you get started in igniting your core confidence and change the way how your presence is speaking to you and to others.

Ignite Your Core Confidence Meditation

1. Listen to reflective meditative music that will raise your love vibes. Check out one that I have found for you here.

2. Write down 1 thing that you would love to experience and have in your lifetime e.g confidence, love, career, health, business, abundance, friendships etc while listening to this high vibe music on YouTube. 

3. Write 7 things that you would have and experience from this 1 thing. Here are some examples of what you would want to have and experience in let's say your career; earn $70,000 plus super, work in the city, collaborative and high vibe company culture, team building events, harbour views, career progression and free access to the work gym.

4. Write 5 elevated emotions that you would feel when you have and experience this such as excitement, joy, passionately fulfilled, worthiness and accomplishment.

5. Meditate your heart's deepest desire through visualisation, feeling the experience and the elevated emotions that comes with it while still listening to this high vibe music.

This activity in total should take the length of the YouTube music clip to ensure you have plenty of time to write what comes from your heart and to experience, see, have and feel in your meditation to bring it back into your 3D world.

What did you come up with? I would love to know!

Email me at your meditation experience plus receive your bonus 30 min confidence sesh and how I can help you ignite your core confidence, clarity in your deepest desires and connection to love and life.

Live from the heart Xx,


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