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Posted by Jessica Goh on 18th Mar 2019

"Without self-expression, life lacks spontaneity and joy. Without service to others, it lacks meaning and purpose."

-Lawrence Boldt

What would it mean to you if you had the confidence to speak from your heart?

The pot of gold lies in the deepest desires of your heart.

What has your heart and soul called you to do, have and play in this lifetime?

As humans we have a strong attachment to the 3D physical world. We don't believe in change until something drastic happens. This is where we fall short.

The power isn't out in the physical world, as Anthony Robbins says, "Unleash the power from within." The power to face your badass ways and smash it head on so you can be reconnected to what's in truth to you. 

In my working career from retail to corporate, I was cringing on workplace politics, tolerated bullying and unfair pay. I used to think it was them vs me, they were the bad guys and sure they were doing the dirty deed and I made a choice to welcome all the BS that was thrown at me.

The workplace represented the family dyamics of my upbringing where workplace politics translated to women should do this and that, women should be doing all the work and no support. Being bullied at work was normalised but felt wrong at the same time where I was bullied at home by both parents and this created my identity as being an easy target or pushover to take on unwanted verbal abuse that I'm stupid. The unfair pay is where the inequality lies with my younger brother, being spoilt with video games and food because in the Chinese culture, males were idolised and women were second class if not servants.

Imagine the amount of false beliefs and a distorted sense of identity I was holding onto as a little girl and bringing that into the workplace. I was set up to be a victim and of course it never goes down well when you're a victim.

So here's the thing. When I entered the corporate world, I made waves, confronted my fears of humiliation and finally said something. I expressed what I deeply desire the most and that is equality and respect. The universe rewards action. I asked for a payrise and got it. I demanded respect and got it. I left an old school workplace for a collaborative culture and got it.

It all starts with your thoughts>desire>emotions>energy>action or inaction to do nothing at all.

You are the person that's standing in the way of saying something and that's your desire to celebrate your very existence to be real and a life you love!

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