Quit Being A Baby

Posted by Jessica Goh on 8th Apr 2019

"Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think."

Benjamin Disraeli

As I touch on in last week's blog Mind Your Confidence it's super important to understand that you're not just in complete fear all the time. Fear can look like anxiety, worry, negativity, shame, anger, resentment, depression and disappointment. 

You and I have different aspects of ourselves that forms and shapes our identity.This week I'll be going through the part of you that is connected to being a baby. YES THAT'S RIGHT, A BABY! The first 8 years of your life is all about learning, developing and adopting beliefs, experiences and values in your external environment from growing in mum's womb to being in the family you're brought up in, the home you lived in, neighbours, friends, teachers, bullies and relatives that came to show you what love is and what fear is.
So how does confidence link with you being a baby?

Think of it this way, have you ever noticed whenever things just don't go your way and all you want to do is just go nuts? It's like spitting out the dummy and throw a tantrum, why me? And why now?

As adults, we're not getting the love and support that we want. We're not living the desired life that we want. Just like babies, they're not getting the love, presence and attention that they want.

We repeat these patterns from infant to adult in a much more evolved way.

So whenever you feel that things don't go your way, take a moment and tune into the baby inside of you. What does he or she want to do? I'm sure the answer would be play or just cry. So think of it this way, how do you withdraw yourself from having fun and just play in life? 

I know when I ignore the baby inside of me, life becomes chaotic and toxic. I take on more work than I need to and I go into sickness. And I know when I listen and tune into the baby inside me, it tells me to play, to dance, to immerse myself in the beach and float in the sea, watch a funny movie like Dumbo or go to the Easter Show and get a show bag, go on some rides and just be a child again.

And I encourage my boyfriend to do the same and we have so much more fun together! (And restores harmony back into our relationship and creates a stronger and healthier relationship)

The purpose of connecting with our inner baby is to appreciate that life is all about flow-the balance of work (doing-yang-masculine energy) and play (receiving-yin-feminine energy).

You and I didn't come onto this planet to just do, do, do and go, go, go. We came here to reap the rewards of this journey in life and to live a life in confidence.

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