Mind Your Confidence

Posted by Jessica Goh on 1st Apr 2019

"You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather."

-Pema Chodron

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that you can use every single day to reconnect the brilliant part of you and bring real confidence out into your world.

You may feel that you have your good times and bad times.

You may feel that it's hard to be grateful or to feel excited about life.

You may feel that living each day feels nothing but the ordinary.

Mindfulness can change that. You and I are no different, we both have multiple dimensions as human beings just like confidence. Read How To Love Your Badass and Own Your Awesome to learn more how confidence is multi-dimensional.

What forms our identity and how do they play a part in everyday living?

1. Baby: The first 8 years of your identify formed and throws a tantrum to sabotage yourself when things aren't going your way.

2. Badass: The part of you that turns everything into dog poop. A rebel without a cause and this is how you get off from addictions.

3. Guru: Seeing things from a different perspective with no strings attached to help you be mindful.

4. God: To see, feel and experience the best version of you and to act and behave from that state of being.

Stay tuned for my next series of blogs where I'll go into each part of you into more detail and here's some food for thought, Marianne Williamson says it's how you use mindfulness to have happiness today.

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