Lovin' You Is Easy Bcos You're Beautiful

Posted by Jessica Goh on 25th Feb 2019

"She remembered who she was and the game changed."

-Lalah Deliah

Have you fallen in love with the real you?

If you haven't, keep reading. And if you have, keep reading too.

What does it take for you to be love so you can receive love?

I believe that self-love is the real source to sparking your core confidence because it's a celebration of your very existence.

I come across hundreds of people seeking my advice on self-confidence and some may say "I love me and life is dandy" but why is it that they are so deeply unfulfilled? Why do they subconsciously engage in pleasing others, put up with people's toxicity, struggle to find the words to speak up and secretly live in fear?

This is what I call a false sense of self-confidence a.k.a surface level confidence. We live here because we have a strong attachment to a false identity to look and feel a certain way and pretend everything is alright when we're living in denial and not wanting to face the music.

There are different acts of self-love that can engage with your core confidence and different levels of confidence so you have the awareness how you can be connected to your awesome.

Acts of Self-Love that Ignites Different Levels of Self-Confidence

Surface ConfidencePresence ConfidenceCore Confidence
Treat yourself to a giftMassageMeditation
Share a selfie on social mediaWatching the sunsetGratitude journaling
Dressing upSinging bowlsSelf-awareness
Get a haircutYoga and danceSelf-acceptance
Beauty pamper with a facialWalking barefoot on the beachLetting go of your badass
Drink water and herbal teaWatch a TedX speakerTrust your gut-feel
Eat healthy foodFloating in the poolSpeak your truth

Self-Love Quiz

1. Which level of confidence do you engage in the most?

2. Why do you engage in that level of confidence?

3. Which level of confidence would you like to explore more of? Why?

4. What does each level of confidence mean to you?

5. How does each level of confidence show up in your day to day life?

Email me at jess@lifeinconfidence.com your quiz responses to receive your bonus 30 min confidence sesh and how I can help you ignite your core confidence, clarity in your deepest desires and connection to love and life.

Set Your World On Fire Xx,


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