Know Your Worth!

Posted by Jessica Goh on 13th Mar 2019

"You can always hold out for something better when you know your self-worth."

-Bryant McGill

Know your worth! What does that mean?

I'm not talking about putting yourself on a pedestal or fake it til you make it.

I'm talking about knowing that you're the real deal baby. Like you already got it!

Let me put this into context for you and why this is super important for you to know.

Have you ever went to a job interview and said yes at whatever offer was made to you?
(Even though the salary is tad low for your liking.)

What about going on a date and that night you said yes to a one night stand?
(Even though you know deep down that you want to be in a relationship.) 

Has this got your attention? 

I totally get what it's like to walk in those shoes. We feel that this is all we can get because that's what we choose to believe. The actions we take to say yes to others and no to what our hearts are screaming for is a vicious cycle of self-betrayal. We then beat ourselves up for it and brew resentment towards the person who offered us that red juicy apple.

But behind that hot mess is the denial of our truth and core confidence to be real.

The driver of this is unworthinesss. That it's shameful to be who we really are and let our awesome shine through.

If we're consistently feel this way day in day out, it's because we're still living in the past.

When I finally woke up and smell the roses of how amazing I really am, I started to take actions that were aligned with my core confidence (heart and soul of who I am) instead of my surface level confidence (ego and strong attachment of the 3D world). 

This breakthrough experience didn't occur in the ego or in the thinking mind. This is a place where we overly protect ourselves because we live in fear. The gamechanger experience must come through a soulful experience where your mind can't comprehend, only your heart and soul can. That's when the penny dropped for me.

I made a conscious choice to say yes to me, my happiness and live my best life. I took action in what I deserve to have and experience and that included upgrading my career, ask for payrises because I can and got them! Say yes to love so I can be in a full blown relationship with Mr Right and say goodbye to Mr Right Now.

I've seen this with people who I have mentored to do the same through their soul-shaking experience where they have confronted their badass (that has formed their toxic attachment to the ego and the past) to move into a bigger and brighter future by letting their heart and soul lead the way. 

I had a single woman who switched careers and get paid with a $15K salary increase and in a rocking relationship, a depressed male who finally let go of his suicidal thoughts by trusting the safety of my presence and a young man in China who went from a self defeated, disconnected and isolated state to excitement and love for life in a 1hr Skype session. 

Anything is possible no matter how hard things appear to be. Let those BS beliefs die hard so you can create and live in a new future.

Are you ready to know your worth and own it?

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