How trauma healing can inspire your passion for life

Posted by Jessica Goh on 10th May 2020

Hey Wonderful being,

If you're feeling the pressure, you're not alone. With 3 million Australians living with depression or anxiety, mental health is on the rise. The media reports phone calls and chat rooms being exhausted through Lifeline and Beyond Blue.

The number 1 thing that has turned my mental health around is trauma healing and why I became a trauma healer 5 years ago. I suffered from anxiety and low self-esteem and there were moments where I didn't feel like living. There were many times when I asked myself, "When will my life ever change?"

It's easy to get caught up in emotional overwhelm and feel this is all that you are. However the world that you and I live is of duality - extreme fear and poverty as well as love and resources. This is the same in the mind. You can easily be swayed from left to right from one emotion to another, from one thought to another. This is where you can start distinguishing that you are not just one emotion and one thought, that you are of spectrum of emotions and thoughts. It's a matter of which one you select that you feel is real to you.

Below is the map of consciousness created by Dr David R Hawkins, from his book Power vs Force on his research on consciousness.

When you're in high stress or instantly triggered, the feelings you feel may be of fear, anger or shame. These heavy and low vibe emotions keeps you contracted, confused and in chaos. Every time these feelings show up, you either cover it up, numb out or turn to addictions without addressing the cause of the emotional turmoil. This is where trauma healing comes into play. 

How does trauma healing works? The best way I can describe it is like falling in love. You feel those emotions of excitement, joy and love and at the same time, you feel vulnerable, exposed and open to those feelings. When you get rejected by someone you love, you feel rejected, ashamed and broken where you want to numb out because it's too painful and unsafe to feel. 

Trauma healing is cracking open your shell of resistance to feel again. Feeling is in the healing. When you start reconnecting to those suppressed heavy emotions, you feel the anger which then regress back to grief then deeper into shame - the heaviness emotion. When you hit right into the cause of emotional havoc, you're releasing heaviness of your suppressed emotion and rebalance the nervous system back to love - high vibe emotion followed by a series of questions to reinforce those feelings.

This requires a highly skilled and conscious trauma coach and healer to hold a space to take on your polarity of darkness to be transformed into lightness. For a free consultation, email or text 0424 181 494 to book in for a one to one. I also host online trauma healing classes and be supported by a conscious community which you can register here

Take this golden opportunity to reconnect with yourself. There's more to life than the external world and collective chaos. Life starts with you. Help is here. Ask and you shall receive.

With Love & Support,

Jessica Goh | Trauma Coach & Healer In Relationship Abuse

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