How To Use Essential Oils for Emotional Support

Posted by Jessica Goh on 16th Mar 2020

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You might be thinking, what are some holistic options to enable emotional support? One of the ways is using essential oils and here's why. Essential oils has been used for centuries and beyond from therapeutic use, cosmetic benefits to religious and spiritual purposes. For instance, in the bible, when Jesus was born, the essential oil Frankincense known as the king of the oils was given to him as one of the three gifts. The use of Frankincense is through prayer and meditation to connect with your sense of higher purpose in incense and perfume.


It's important to know about the quality of essential oils you use and how they are extracted because this determines their potency and purity. It's very common for mainstream essential oils that you see in the dollar shop, online stores and boutique stores have a sweeter scent because sweetness is what sells the product however this can be of the following reasons; lack of purity in the product where other ingredients and fillers are blended in or high chemical, high pressure or high steam distillation process to meet market demand therefore the essential oil extracted isn't as potent as it could be.

Always do your research when purchasing essential oils and understand where it comes from and how its processed because in the end you're the one who's inhaling it and consuming it through your system and you don't want toxins and nasties because of a cheap essential oil product. I personally use Young Living because they have high standards of quality in their farms and the method of distillation is gentle steam extracting the essential oil from seed to seal. For instance Ylang, Ylang is best harvested at 2am to extract the potency of the flower known for its aphrodisiac properties and other plants, herbs, flowers and trees would require certain timing and distillation processes to capture the true essence of its scent, properties and potency which is more powerful than the plant itself.


Now, let's get to the good stuff, here are 3 ways to use essential oils for emotional support below:

1. Ingest through beverage and cooking: Start your day by adding 1 drop of Lemon essential oil into your water to give your body a good detox in the system before consuming anything else. A great way to flush out toxins bringing you in a better state of being. Stir this with Stevia so the oil binds to the water, you can also add this into your smoothies and meals. Ginger, lavender, basil, rose and black pepper essential oils can be ingested however always read the label of the essential oils. Not all brands are designed for culinary purposes and purely for aromatic purposes.

2. Diffuse for relaxation: You can add 6 drops of essential oils such as Sandalwood used in Ayurvedic medicine to feel grounded, this is great for those who feel anxious, nervous or disconnected from their body. You can add other essential oils to give an uplifting scent to feel energise such as citrus blends of essential oils like orange, lime, grapefruit and lemon or tone down with lavender, Chamomile and Bergamont for a relaxing scent during meditation and sleep. Use different essential oils for different times of the day to adjust your mood and support.

3. Apply topically: Essential oils are safe to apply to skin with a carrier oil such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil and grapeseed oil to disperse the oils avoiding a burning sensation or irritations due to potency. Add 12 drops of a blend of essential oils, a relaxing combination is eucalyptus, rosemary, lime and geranium into your choice of carrier oil and use it to massage into your skin as part of your self-care ritual to moisture your body and to absorb the potency of the oils through the skin. You can pour this into a roll-on applicator to use as a natural perfume or a sense of calm especially when you're feeling under the pump at work. Again you want to use high quality oils as this will be absorbed into the skin.

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