How to Heal from a Narcissist

Posted by Jessica Goh on 5th Jul 2020

Hey you,

What are your thoughts on narcissism? Know the word?

Have you been abused by one?

There has been a growing concern where participants jumping on my webinars sharing their experiences of dealing with a narcissist in their personal relationships.

Why are so many people experiencing a narcissist attack?

Personally, I've experienced this pattern with men. Both personally and professionally and here's the reason why.

Narcissism is a mental condition commonly found in men where they have an inflated image of themselves lacking empathy for others and a need for admiration on the regular. According to Psychology Today, narcissists view intimate relationships as another transaction where they first display a highly charismatic vibe and passion with the condition of taking positive attention and sexual satisfaction. They tend to be unfaithful to feed their grandiose ego.

On a professional level, they can show up as your boss or therapist where they claim your contributions and successes as theirs without giving you credit. They are high achievers and rise to the top in their careers. 

The impacts of narcissistic abuse:

  • Diminished self-esteem and self-worth
  • Broken boundaries and easily treated like a doormat
  • You feel like you're in the wrong and constantly apologising
  • Highly insecure and feel defeated
  • Attached to the narcissist and feel hooked in
  • High anxiety from their unpredictable behaviour
  • You feel extremely co-dependent than you were before
  • You're trying to get their love and approval  

So here's the thing. I totally get it. I've been there too. I chose a narcissist as my mentor and coach. I sought narcissism in past relationships with men. Why did I fall easy to being a pray for narcissists? 

The common pattern that I found is they were all men and project a strong masculine and charming personality. 

Who in my family dynamic is a narcissist? Dad. 

Is it possible that there's some unhealed narcissism wounding in me? Yes.  

Stuck in a rut patterns play out in our present life because there are unhealed or unconscious trauma wounds that we have experienced in our childhood conditioning or family dynamics.

What can you do to heal from narcissism?

  • Bring awareness of your narcissist pattern
  • Identify the cause in your family dynamic or childhood memories
  • What can you learn about yourself in your experience of narcissism?
  • Set healthy boundaries in your relationships and protect your self-worth
  • Seek a trauma coach to start clearing up emotional wounds to rebuild yourself again

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Jessica Goh | Trauma Coach & Healer In Relationship Abuse

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