How to find Clarity and Calm in COVID-19 Chaos

Posted by Jessica Goh on 23rd Mar 2020

Hey Beautiful,

Take a moment now to just breathe. Slow down the mind and move from panic to power. I thought I'd share with you what you can start doing to find clarity and calm in COVID-19 chaos. I have a webinar on tonight at 8pm to dive deeper. Register on my Facebook page here.

Why are people choosing to get sucked into the emotional overwhelm of a pandemic? Let me reframe the question, do you let bad news get the best of you or do you find ways to take back control of your life?

This is the thinking of unnecessary panic when we choose to get caught up in the face of collective fear with negativity feeding off negativity creating scarcity in our lives to overbuy things and constantly think who in the area has COVID-19.

Yes, it's unfortunate to be bedridden with COVID-19 or someone passing away from it but it doesn't mean we need to dwell every minute of it. Here are my 3 MUST-HAVE strategies to move away from fear to freedom in living your life through calm and clarity during COVID-19. 

The 3 things you need to keep at forefront not just during COVID-19 but also in challenges that you faced in your emotional wellbeing.

1. Mindfullness Mindset: Questions are the answer. Stregthen your ability to perceive the truth. Do you let fear take over your thinking? Are you actually scared of the COVID-19 or the belief you have around it? If so, what is the belief you tell yourself whenever you hear the news about COVID-19 or conversations you have with people about COVID-19? The conversations you play in your head are the conversations you have in real life. Journal what limiting beliefs or negative beliefs you have around negativity and ask yourself what beliefs you believe isn't true then journal down beliefs that are true. Write down affirmative beliefs as reminders in your phone, post-its in the office or home and vision board as a way for you to remember you choose to live the kind of world you want to live in and that starts with your way of thinking.

2. Find Calm in Control: Take back your life in chaos by finding holistic and healthier ways to be in control of your stress levels and anxiety. One of the things you can do is switch off from bad news or read the news just once a week. What you feed your mind is how to thrives like watering a plant with petrol not water. What will happen? It will eventually die. It's the same with the mind, feed the mind with goodness not madness such as breathwork, meditation, relaxation music, Ted X talks and self-help podcasts. I start my day with an intention such as "Trust and receive", "My power is in my feminine", "I choose to see love and appreciation" or "Slow down and relax". It's a great way to train my brain to start thinking and looking for positive ways to be open to receiving supportive experiences and highlighting them as a blessing or seeing a setback as a powerful lesson. The body loves variety just like eating variety in our diet and the clothes we wear otherwise things become generic and forced. So I incorporate therapeutic essential oils to help me feel emotionally supported in my meditation, intention, breathwork or using the roller to release tension in the body. Learn more here.

3. Knowledge is power: Educate yourself about COVID-19 rather than overwhelming yourself with bad news of it and see it as a death sentence. Have a quick read on Australian Government, Department of Health here to help you understand the virus, what you need to look out for and how you can start being more proactive about your personal hygience and preventative measures. This is about not waiting for the next Government announcement in the news, this is taking action and be in control of your safety and wellbeing and people around you. 

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