How To Feed Your Mind With Loving Confidence

Posted by Jessica Goh on 13th Jan 2020

Hey Go-Getter,

One of the important things other than self-care (read more about self-care here) to continue the momentum of your 2020 is what kind of content do you feed your mind?

What I mean by content is resources that you consume that creates your perspective on life and how you choose to live it.

If you're ordinary, you subscribe to the words of your inner critic, obsessed with the news, listening to FM radio, top 40 hits on Spotify, chatting to people in your current social circle and flipping through your Facebook and Insta Feed.

But when you're unstoppable or a go-getter, you nourish your mind by listening to your intuition and trust where it guides you, consuming self-development podcasts and self-help books, tuning into meditation music to expand consciousness, be open to social networks outside of your norm and letting go of any resistance that ain't serving you.

When you get into a go-getter mindset and consume highly rich content, you'll expand your perspective, you'll start to feel inspired again, you'll be more open to connecting with people and taking more aligned actions to change your life.

I believe adopting the killer combination to living a life in confidence starts with self-care, an abundant mindset and a radiating presence that comes from a place of love.

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How To Have Social Confidence

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Be Your Greatest Potential

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The theme for January is the power in your vulnerability.

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And remember, to Just BE You X

Jessica Goh | Self- Esteem & Confidence Coach

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