How to deal with a relationship meltdown

Posted by Jessica Goh on 14th Jun 2020

Hey you,

I've been listening. The growing concern and enquiries that I've been receiving on what to do when your marriage or relationship has gone down the drain. How do you cope with it? When is it the time to actually end it? Finding it hard to get back on the horse again whether that's on eharmony, Tinder or other platforms you use to find another love.

Let me savour this for another blog on being single and where to from here.

There are 2 effective and efficient ways that you need to take action from relationship meltdown. Don't consider it, make it happen.

1#: FEELING can be intense and overwhelming. Many of us tend to stay away from it, disconnect, escape or distract ourselves from feeling into our feelings. The part of our ego thinks it's a loss of love or a loss of a relationship. However, would being attached serve you? Is attachment making you any happier? Give yourself permission and the time to feel what you need let go of. Check in on yourself, what are you feeling today? Journal your feelings then read them in a week or months time to see the difference in your mood or whether you have progress from that situation or not. Perhaps it will take you a month but don't linger too long.

2#: HEALING starts with you. Take accountability for your mental health and well-being and seek professional guidance and support whether it's a healthcare professional or a trauma coach. Trauma release and self-care are a must to heal from relationship wounds and rebuilding your self-worth again. What can you learn from each relationship? Trauma release requires movement, breath and sound according to Dr John Amaral. If you're someone who finds it difficult to express yourself, you may struggle with trauma release due to the comfort of suppression for long periods of time. This level of healing requires you to be expressive and unapologetic for you to unleash the full depths of your pain. I've seen great results in this process and the transformative shifts in people's lives by embarking this experience, myself included.

I went from 5 years of attracting, dating and engaging with Mr Right Nows to now successfully secured a 2 year relationship with Mr Right. Healing your trauma is breaking the pattern of the past so you can show up as the real you in the present and your future.

You truly thank yourself for it to set yourself free. Learn more in my YouTube video here.

Remember to be gentle and patient with yourself during this healing process. For further support, email for a free 30 minute consultation.

Take this golden opportunity to reconnect with yourself. There's more to life than the external world and collective chaos. Life starts with you. Help is here. Ask and you shall receive.

With Love & Support,

Jessica Goh | Trauma Coach & Healer In Relationship Abuse

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