How Self-Care Restore Real Confidence

Posted by Jessica Goh on 8th Jan 2020

Hey Go-Getter,

One of the things that you can do to make 2020 happen is making a commitment to self-care.

What's this self-care movement all about and how can self-care restore real confidence?

When I first started out in my self-development journey 7 years ago, I thought self-care was about going to the gym, hanging out with friends and seeing a mentor.

My mentors prescribed a series of routines to engage with self-care such as yoga poses, grounding (walking barefoot in nature), breath work, meditation, prayer and the list goes on.

I must admit, I was all in at first then lost touch with this self-care routine. I remember reading a women's self love book where the author had a regimented ritual of a gazillion things to self-care like tongue pulling, morning bath, coffee enemas, walking on the beach and so much more.

I was thinking, how on earth do you get all the time to do that? And have the commitment to do all of these holistic things? And is it really necessary?

For me, self-care isn't about having a strict routine where you must do this, this and this. It's about choosing what I feel I need rather than what I think I need. There's a difference.

When you listen to your body and what it craves for, honour it.

Whether it's sleeping earlier that night because you're feeling exhausted, going to a yoga class instead of meditation because it's what you feel you need to feel grounded and connected to your body (that's what has been showing up for me) or being vulnerable to receive the sounds and sights of mother nature.

When you're trying to figure out in your head based on the data you received from self-help books, self-development seminars, coaches, healers, psychics and Feng Shui consultants, you're forcing yourself to do something that's not aligned with you.

I created a simple and short video for you to have a better understanding how self-care restores real confidence.

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Real confidence is highly intuitive and a deep feeling experience. It's about letting yourself to be vulnerable with you so you can connect with what's in truth with your heart and soul. That radiance from within.

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And remember, to Just BE You X

Jessica Goh | Self-Confidence Coach

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