Gotta Have Faith

Posted by Jessica Goh on 11th Feb 2019

"If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world."

-Emmet Fox

What is it that you wish to experience in this lifetime?

I want you to have a think about it for just a moment. You're here on earth for a reason and it isn't to suffer. It's to experience what you came here for.

My past experiences validated my false reality that dating a guy after the other gave me a quick high after a massive blow to the heart. My strong attachment to surface level confidence was giving power to my badass or alter ego.

I was never good enough for the men that I dated and I was definitely not worthy enough to receive and attract love until I broke my spell.

Under all this pain of heartache, I knew deep down that I want to have and experience real deep love in this lifetime. It was the number one thing that my heart desires and although my head kept telling me that I'm too busy for love, my work to empower everyday people to live in real confidence comes first was just an excuse to not fall into another panic attack.

My dad was the very first man who broke my heart and that experience of heartache (trauma) is the energy that I radiate to men that they couldn't really get my heart and if they did, a heartache was coming...Just around the corner.

These experiences kept showing up until I was 32. It was then I was able to finally confront my badass and smash through the frequency code of damsel in distress. It didn't stop there. I was tested on my willingness to be vulnerable with a man of love. I chose in that moment to give myself a chance at love and follow my heart to surrender to what's possible.

Love is possible and it's a conscious choice. Whatever your heart truly desires is possible if you choose to create a new life, a bigger, brighter and better future.

Some of us tend to block out what's possible because we have been conditioned to exist in the surface level of confidence where it's all about getting what we want now. 

Just like dating apps e.g Tinder and Bumble, we want a date now, we want a booty call now. We want someone or something to fulfill the void within. It's never about the long term gains and the benefits of self-evolution because the badass will be taken out and our core confidence, the highest good in us will then shine through.

It takes a lot of guts and glory to confront what's standing in the way of what our heart desires and that is you.

Are you ready to do what it takes to experience life from the heart?

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Stay tuned for my next confidence blog about how to start creating a new future now.

Live from the heart Xx,


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