Do What You Love

Posted by Jessica Goh on 4th Mar 2019

"The future depends on what you do today."

-Mahatma Gandhi

Have you ever felt where you absolutely hated your job?

Not being recognised or respected?

And not getting paid for what you're worth?

This month I'll be focusing on helping you to get your mojo back with your career success and finding the joy in it all.

Some of you may know about my career story where I was working long hours for little money starting at $15 per hour and in a retail job that I loathed.

But...I was able to turn my career around and have helped others to do the same too.

I believed that this was all I can get and that's exactly what happened. I had no uni degree, no get-rich connections and no idea where my career was going. So whatever I applied for, whatever I thought I was worth is what I got. 

The first step is to breakthrough is our current belief about who we are. Let's say you're looking for a job as a fashion designer and you've been putting yourself out there, applying for jobs, handing your resume in boutique stores and attending fashion events to hand out your business card but you still haven't landed a job. You've done all the hard work in the 3D world and the ball isn't rolling. 

What we forget is that it's not the world or them not giving us a chance, it's you. 

What thoughts and beliefs do you tell yourself every, single, day?

Learn more about the power (and science) behind your beliefs in one of my previous blogs, Wake Up & Smell The Roses

After this, move onto the next step of bringing your passion to life! Find a quiet spot to reflect, ask yourself the question and write down the first answer that popped up in what is it that you love doing that lights you up. There are multiple answers to this but write it all down. Steer away from analysing and as my boyfriend Jordan always say, "go with the flow babe."

Tune into your heart and connect with its deepest desires. What are you called to do in this lifetime?

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Set Your World On Fire Xx,


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