4 Ways To Make Room for Thriving Confidence

Posted by Jessica Goh on 28th Jan 2020

Hey Go-Getter,

I hope you had a super relaxing long weekend! The past week I've been thinking, like really thinking about how can you create MORE magic in your life.

And what came to me is by having MORE space in your mind. Yup. In Feng Shui, they say, "cluttered room, cluttered mind" or "out of sight, out of mind."

It makes sense right? If you're caught up in those badass thoughts, hung up on a break up or break down, clinging onto anxiety for dear life or misusing your quality time, you're thriving on fear to keep your adrenaline going.

Is this really cultivating confidence from the heart and living a life you actually want? I hope you said no.

Here are my 4 Ways To Make Room for Thriving Confidence...

1. Spring-clean the mind: It's so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, take things personally or be in the flight or fight mode. Try ways to slow down the mind like meditation, walking barefoot in nature, journal what you're grateful for and setbacks you can learn from today, breath work (learn more at Awaken Your Radiance), yin yoga or body work (experience this at Be Your Greatest Potential workshop) to get back into your body and be present with your feelings instead of running away from them.

2. Create space: What clutter in your space (home/car/office/bag/wallet) can you let go of that you actually don't need? The clutter in your space is a reflection of the clutter in your mind. Give this a go and just notice how you feel when you create more space in your life.

3. Rich-Time: Allocate a weekend to yourself whether that's once a year, every quarter or monthly, wherever you can, to just be alone away from the busy city and ideally without your mobile or have it switched off to aeroplane mode. I like to spend this time alone in meditation or at retreats and one I take my go-getters on is Set Your World On Fire retreat. A purification process of the mind, body and soul with highly nutritious vegetarian meals, trauma release so you're not hanging onto past attachments and energy healing to align yourself back to love and radiating confidence.

4. Conscious Consumption: Be selective in what you feed your body and mind with junk or with soul. Nourish your temple with the colours of the rainbow and nutrition and grow your mind by plugging your ears with motivational podcasts and meditative music instead of obsessing about the news and flicking through your Facebook Feeds. A podcast I recommend The Melissa Ambrosini Show and Ant's Talk Podcast. You can plug your ears into my juicy insights on the dating game, my childhood chaos to finding myself in love and grasp the concept of what it takes to experience radiance in my interview with celebrity make up artist Ant Adams on his podcast here.

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