4 Holistic Trends for 2020

Posted by Jessica Goh on 17th May 2020

Hey Wonderful being,

What are 4 key holistic health trends with the 4 B's that you can start piggy backing during times of self-isolation and beyond?

Self-care is more important than ever and you know the reasons why. Supercharge your mental health and wellbeing. Raise your consciousness and feel-good vibes because self-appreciation is what's needed to be present and act with power.

What should you be consuming, wearing, using and engaging in to elevate your wellness? Check out these easy health hacks below:

1. Consume BONE BROTH and here's why...The gelatin in the bone marrow aids with leaky gut which means porous or holes in the intestinal lining so great for those who have food intolerances and gut problems like diarrhoea and constipation. It's also great for healthier skin because of the collagen, better quality sleep to help with fatigue, protect the joints and strengthen your immune system as it's highly nutrient dense. Bone broth can be made from beef, chicken or fish. If you're vegetarian or vegan, stick with veggie broth for minerals. You can make your own broth and purchase them. If you were to purchase them, I would recommend getting them at the health food store or a supplier that makes them instead of the supermarkets due to the quality of ingredients.

2. Wear BLUBLOX and here's why...Have you ever felt when you look at your mobile or computer too long that you get eye strains, mental fatigue and migraines? Every time we look at our devices and exposing ourselves to artificial light, our eyes are taking in blue light radiation. This is why I wear Blublocker glasses - the one I'm wearing now is for the day to minimise blue light radiation from my devices and artificial light at home and the orange lens pair during the evening to block out blue right to protect my natural sleeping patterns. Get yourself a pair to wear here and enter my coupon code: LICTRIBE for 15% off. Your eyes will thank you for it.

3. BOOST your mood and mindfulness with therapeutic grade essential oils and here's why...they provide health benefits that low grade and aromatic essential oils don't deliver due to the extraction process. I turn to Young Living essential oils because they are 100% therapeutic grade as these oils are produced from chemical free farms, high quality equipment of glass and stainless steel and the process of gentle steam distillation and the time that they are harvested determines the purity and potency of the essential oil itself. They are nutrient dense meaning they are 100-10,000 times more potent than the plant, fruit, flower, seed or tree and assist with detoxification e.g a drop of lemon or lemongrass essential oil in a glass of water is used to drink to support lymphatic drainage. Click here to get yourself a self-care essential oils kit and private 1hr wellness session.

4. Engage in BREATH WORK and BODY WORK and here's why...breath work was designed to naturally warm up and oxygenate the body to heal and release stress through a series of breathing techniques, movements and flow. Body work is assisting the body to release stored emotions trapped in the body to move stuck energy into energy flow. I run online healing classes every fortnight incorporating these techniques as well as ecstatic dance to move the body into its natural self-expression, guided meditation reconnecting to your highest self and sound therapy to enter a deeper state of relaxation. Join my next class here.

Take this golden opportunity to reconnect with yourself. There's more to life than the external world and collective chaos. Life starts with you. Help is here. Ask and you shall receive.

With Love & Support,

Jessica Goh | Trauma Coach & Healer In Relationship Abuse

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