3 Effects Of Unconscious Trauma Impact Your Decisions

Posted by Jessica Goh on 13th Apr 2020

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Struggle no more. In this blog, we dive deeper into the mind to understand the 3 key signs of unconscious trauma and how it effects the way you immediately make decisions that may work against you and how to start addressing these problematic and reoccurring issues.

Are you ready to move from trauma into trust? Read more here on the 3 signs of unconscious trauma and how it effects your decision making: 

1. Triggers: Have you ever felt like someone's pushing your buttons not just once but non-stop? Leaving you feeling disempowered and lost in confusion? If you answered yes, very likely you've experienced unconscious trauma.This reactive behaviour is set by default when certain things bring up emotional pain particularly anguish and annoyance without awareness of why it's happening but draw onto conclusions or distortions to validate victimhood and replay unhealed triggers due to underlying and unconscious trauma that hasn't been brought to your awareness. 

How do triggers effect your decision making? When unconscious of what your triggers are or how it impacts your mood, it's easy to fall into victimhood and feel victimised by the whole experience. So you make immediate choices based on how you feel (as the victim) to avoid feeling the trigger such as avoiding situations or people, being passive aggressive instead of assertion in communication, quick to leave a job or move from one relationship to another are just of the few things we do when triggered.

This is why we all need guidance taken further so we can soften the blow of triggers by healing emotional wounds through trauma release processes which you can experience at my workshopsonline private trauma healing sessions and retreats.

2. Blindspots: Do you feel resistant to taking on constructive feedback or unaware why your behaviour or certain behaviours can have a negative impact on others or be of hindrance to them? If you answered yes, it's very likely that not being aware of how your behaviour and thinking can impact someone else's feelings is a blindspot where unconscious trauma lies in shaping your personality. 

How does blindspots effect your decision making? Let me share a personal experience in dating and relationships. I attracted and chose to engage with men who were emotionally unavailable showing up in the form of unfaithfullness, married or coming out of engagement or de facto relationship where I was disposable to them. Why? I was feeding off instant gratification and emotional highs to fulfill this emptiness in my heart. This is due to unconscious trauma, I was emitting a victim vibe of sexual abuse and unworthiness that I attracted superficial men who were interested in surface level fun not a relationship. I didn't realise that I was too into my victim that it then put them off and they ran for the hills. 

The feedback I denied from a man on the third date texted that I was coming across too strong and clingy. When I choose to be aware of it and trust to be guided to heal my abusive relationship with my dad, I switched off the victim vibe and turned on the radiant goddess vibe as a result a man of heart came into my world. Again this requires to dive deep into your heart and heal traumatic experiences and memories in love with a professional trauma coach. 

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3. Limited consciousness: Struggle to remember past childhood experiences or find it difficult to recall painful experiences as a child or adult? If answered yes then I highly recommend you reading Why Therapy Takes So Long by Dr Valentina Stoycheva and a research on memory loss due to shock from trauma conducted by Northwestern University on How traumatic memories hide in the brain, and how to retrieve them. Retracing past pains requires professional help, trust and safety with the right tools in place to guide you through from abuse to acceptance and become an enabler, not victim in life. 

How limited consciousness effect your decision making process? Not having awareness in your struggles and setbacks in life where you repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Procrastination and self-sabotage are other choices made when we our consciousness is limited. Move forward and be in control at any of my workshops below. Help is here. Your choice.

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