Be Your Greatest Potential Workshop

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Be Your Greatest Potential Workshop

What was the most valuable thing that our go-getters learnt at this Be Your Greatest Potential?

"Jess is highly intuitive, who will help you to understand yourself better and guide you to connect well with people around. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone! Thank you Jess!" Mike N

"My archetype and what has been causing it." Yash

"Being assertive to protect my needs." Lynne

"The most valuable thing I learnt from the workshop is the (manifestation) constellation and seeing vulnerability in others." Andrew Mac

"Self love and being real." Matt B

"That I'm not alone, I can become the best version of myself." John Castro

What did they like about Be Your Greatest Potential?

"Jessica is really great at helping others build confidence and find your greatest potential." Mike N

"Balance of self discovery and fun activities." Yash

"The different tasks and ones to embrace." Lynne

"I liked having different people point out my blind spots. I liked sharing my weakness and strengths." Andrew Mac

"Clear, practical and inspired." Matt B

"Support and motivation. This is the best event that I've ever attended and I've been to a lot of free events. Perfect workshop, really helpful." John Castro

The best way to spend your Saturday is to ditch your comfort zone and be ready to upgrade into the most empowered version of you with like-minded courageous creators and a mentor who's there to give you unlimited support and create a safe space for you to start stepping into a new future. 

Throughout this full day workshop, you'll learn:

  1. How to bridge the shift from false confidence to igniting your passion to thrive
  2. Master the art of manifestation and be the creator of your life
  3. Moving stagnant energy of stress and anxiety to free flowing energy throughout the body and feel revitalised
  4. Understand your identity profile and which aspect/s dominants you and your life
  5. What are the emotional blocks to your potential by understanding your archetype/s and needs
  6. Discover the cause of your underlying problems, blind spots and your greatest potential 
  7. Unlock the power of vulnerability to access your greatest potential
  8. What are triggers and how are they impacting on your self-confidence, your identity, your career and your relationships with people, how to confront and neutralise them
  9. Integrate your energy with a singing bowl meditation and sharing exercises with the group

This powerful soul shaking experience is exclusive to 10 courageous creators per workshop.

Date: Saturday 14 March- tickets already selling

The theme for this workshop is finding yourself in relationships, how to communicate and connect with the opposite sex while rebuilding your confidence from the heart.

Time: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Where: 99 on York, Level 2, 95-99 York St, Sydney 

Your greatness to courageous confidence includes a free discovery call with Jess to identify cause of your pain and prep you to turn it into potential valued at $150, full day workshop, Q&A, lunch and chilled filtered water. 

When you sign up for greatness, I expect you to be all in. There are NO refunds for wimpiness or unforeseen circumstances. You make it happen babe!

Usually valued at $999. Get Your Ticket Today for JUST $250.