Awaken Your Radiance Program

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Awaken Your Radiance Program

The Experience: This is a mind-blowing journey into your heart and soul freeing yourself from sexual shame and emotional pain that ain’t helping you be who you are and have what you actually want.

In our 3 powerful Saturdays together, you'll IGNITE YOUR FIRE by connecting your sexual energy into your heart so you’re seen as a person of authority at work and a potential love partner. 

You’ll FACE YOUR SHADOW by smashing away your shackles of past experiences in love, relationships and family dynamics to claim what’s in truth with you. This is the turning point for you throughout this program. 

Then we’ll end the program with returning BACK TO LOVE which is about creating your life from abundance and turning your setbacks into new potentials and possibilities. This is where you experience a deep sense of self-love and love for life. 

We’ll celebrate your awakened radiance together at the end of the program with Yum Cha provided by Life In Confidence. 

Program Dates: 

IGNITE YOUR FIRE: Saturday 23 May             

FACE YOUR SHADOW: Saturday 20 June         

BACK TO LOVE: Saturday 18 July                             


IGNITE YOUR FIRE: Saturday 29 August 

FACE YOUR SHADOW: Saturday 26 September

BACK TO LOVE: Saturday 24 October

If there's a date in this course you can't attend, you can re-attend at a future date. E.g You can't attend FACE YOUR SHADOW - Saturday 20 June, you can attend to the next FACE YOUR SHADOW on Saturday 26 September.

Venue: 99 on York, Level 2, 95-99 York St, Sydney


  • Highly experienced facilitator and coach to breakthrough attachments to shame, guilt, anger, resentment, regret and unworthiness
  • 3 powerful Saturdays with lunch and snacks provided 
  • 3 private group coaching calls by Zoom valued $500
  • 3 private one to one coaching calls by Zoom valued at $800 
  • Join the Confidence Circle in our private Facebook group for lifetime support


  • Heartfelt confidence by cultivating vulnerability as your strength
  • Open up your receiving channel to welcome love in all forms 
  • Increase consciousness, focus, coherent energy, vitality and productivity 
  • More grounded and present in your body and to your feelings 
  • Savvy communication skills with people and the opposite sex 
  • Trust your intuition to make better decisions and sharpen your perception
  • Turn negative changes into the doorway to what you need 
  • Feel safe to express your needs without having to feel guilty or wrong


How do I get there? 

Public transport: You can catch a train or bus into Town Hall and it's a 5 min walk from Town Hall station or from QVB. Parking: You can park in QVB parking. 

What do I need to bring? 

Wear comfortable clothes as there will be a lot of movement in the activities. You can bring a jacket or jumper as it can get chilly with the a/c on. You can bring your own pen and notepad if you wish but it's not neccessary and you're welcome to take photos of the powerpoint slides that's relevant for you. Most of this event is experiential and not a lecture.

What can I expect to get out of this experience?

Every person's experience is unique and dependent on your participation. The more your participant (from the heart) the more you get out of your comfort zone to experience real confidence, heartfelt connections and freedom. 

I know someone who's keen to attend to this, what's the process for registration?

Great question! Share this link, they then hit ADD to cart and CHECKOUT to fill in their details for the purpose of registration and they pay by either paypal, bank card or credit card. Then they receive a confirmation email and text of the workshop details. Plus we reward referrals, so let us know if you're sending someone our way and when they book in successfully, we gift you a 1hr day spa experience at Nature's Energy in Balmain, Glebe or Newtown. If you're not in Sydney then we gift a similiar reward in your area. 

Can I get a refund if I change my mind or unforeseen circumstances?

No, it's just like purchasing any other course at a university or school where there's no refund. For unforeseen circumstances, you can be transferred to one of our future workshops however terms and conditions applies, that these programs are non-refundable.

Can I bring my own lunch or is lunch provided? And do you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes you can bring your own lunch if you wish, we also provide lunch for our guests e.g sushi platters and can offer vegetarian however it's difficult for us to cater anything beyond that due to limited catering options so we suggest you bring your own.

What do you do if I want to pass on an activity that makes me feel uncomfortable? 

We would encourage you to participate in all activities to get the best outcome from these experiences however if you're still hesitant, then we can provide a modified activity if it's due to an injury or you can choose to pass. The choice is yours.

Do you provide payment plans?

Yes 3 payments of $690. Email for payment plan application.

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