What Is Life In Confidence?

Life In Confidence is about how you can accept yourself for who you are so you can love your amazing self. Your self-relationship is the foundation of your life whether that is supportive or destructive. Your perception of yourself is a projection how the world is reflecting back at you. Jessica Goh founded Life In Confidence because she saw the need for people who were living a stuck-in-a-rut life to heal their past and learn how to experience real love, self-love. Her story of struggle and hardship to absolute faith and  is to inspire the world to love. This is an online community for confident seekers who love to get their hands on our weekly blogs in confidence building and having access to a confidence coach!

Meet Jessica Goh | Founder & Confidence Coach                                            

My Story: Saying buh-bye to the 'old' me


"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

I feel that it's important to share my story with you and how it has helped me and other people just like you to turn their life around.

The greatest challenge in my life is to be vulnerable. I came from a dysfunctional family where both parents didn't know how to love. Coming from an Asian background, love wasn't expressed verbally and physically, it was shown by having a roof over our heads, food on the table and having the luxury to travel overseas.

My dad was the first man who broke my heart. At the age of 18, the domestic violence escalated to a point where I had to protect my mum so she wouldn't get hit. My dad took his anger and aggression out on me and when he finished, my mum laughed at me and told me off for speaking up for myself. I cried in the corner where my dad just fell asleep in his chair and mum kept telling me to shut up. I felt betrayed by mum and dad and ashamed to be their daughter and to even exist. Why me? At that moment in time, I was so close to going crazy but my suppression has stopped me from feeling the trauma and the pain of what has happened and the series of past abuse. 

As time goes by, I moved out of home and my heart was shattered by men over and over again. I immediately felt the same madness that I felt at 18, I couldn't stopped screaming, "Why me?" I was crying uncontrollably and felt this overwhelm of anxiety. I couldn't seem to keep love in my life.

Then the greatest pitfall in my life happened at 29. I was working long hours in my first failed business venture for women's fashion and a victim of a property scam which sent me broke whilst dating a clueless and tormented married man. He was in fact a reflection of my confusion in love, business, money and life. 

I was emotionally bankrupt and in denial of my circumstances that I created for myself. I hated where I was living at the time, renting a shoebox of a granny flat with 2 other people and to a cocky landlord. I didn't want to face the consequences of my reality, I had no choice but was forced to dig deep and look from within.

Why was I living a stuck-in-a-rut life?

I was living the life of my parents, they worked hard for their money in a laborious business, selling tools in the markets, traveling near and far whilst renting until we could afford a home and driving in second hand vans. My dad would say to me that I'm 'stupid' or 'useless' for not working hard or not understanding the timetables and mum would say to me that 'it's hard to make money and when you grow up, it's not about love, it's about making money'. The dysfunctional love that I was shown became my false identity.  

Turn Over A New Leaf

“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place."-Eckhart Tolle 

I thank my mentors Michelle Rose and Robert Kirby for showing me how I was showing up in my life. Without this form of spiritual guidance, the desire and action to change, I don't know where I will be. Most likely homeless and still broke. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to be vulnerable, to heal, change and transform. 

Despite being broke, I made the choice to move out of the 'shoe box' and live in a city studio. By taking steps towards living the life I want, I was shown signs that I was rewarded by staying on the right track. On the second day I moved in, a random buyer contacted me and purchased $700 worth of dresses! Within 2 weeks, I got a corporate job that met the salary that I desired! I wasn't prepared to go back to retail to work long hours and earn little money for my time. Since then, I was able to receive payrises in my career and payments from my coaching clients, healthier relationships with my family and found love in my beautiful partner name Jordan. 

Things shift quickly when you shift your relationship from self-torture to self-nurture because love is possible.

To this day, I am inspired by my past, appreciate every lesson that comes my way and knowing that I can tap into the power of love, anytime, anywhere. 

Coaching Achievements

Jessica Goh is not your ordinary life coach, she specializes in self-confidence and reconnecting with your highest self. She has helped men and women who suffer from depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, low self-esteem and mid-life crisis experiences. Her work has resulted in clients re-connecting with their parents, discovering their self-worth and happiness, letting go of past pains and reigniting to a life of appreciation and love, switching careers and increase of money flow in their career.

Her purpose for coaching is to educate and empower everyday people to live a life that they love. Jessica believes that life brings us challenges so we can become our authentic self. Go to Confidence Coaching to learn more how she can help you discover self-love. 

  • 2015: Coached by Michelle Rose Personal Development
  • 2017: Certified Rose Development Life Coach
  • 2018: Undertaking Robert Kirby's Leadership Training

 From left to right: Michelle Rose, love & relationship coach with Jessica Goh, founder of Life In Confidence.

Personal Achievements 

Through the work that I do, my spiritual practice and my coaching methods has allowed me to break visible and invisible barriers to having the life I love.

What I now have that I didn't before...

  • A rejuvenated relationship with mum and reconnected with my brother
  • Speaking up for myself and ask for what I want
  • A beautiful relationship with a beautiful man
  • Switch careers from retail to corporate and negotiated a $7K payrise!
  • Living each day with clarity, life and purpose
  • The freedom to just be me and loving who I am
  • A spiritual relationship with the universe


If you would love to experience these outcomes and more, feel free to get in touch with me :)

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