My Life Purpose 

I’m here to inspire you that it’s ok to be real, to own your confidence and embrace your badass so you can just be you.

My Life Mission

I’m on a mission to help you SAY YES TO YOU because your real confidence is worth celebrating. I do this by giving you simple and practical tools and my story to igniting my confidence through my Mindful Monday emails with confidence building events up your alley!

You get to have your breakthrough experiences of what real core confidence is really like with Say Yes To You workshops and Life In Confidence programs.

My Life Vision

My wish is for you to ignite your core confidence and celebrate it like it's your birthday so we can live in a far more conscious and connected state and share this gift with the world.

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Saying buh-bye to my BS story


"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

I feel it's important to share my story with you, how it has helped me and people just like you to turn their life around.

The greatest challenge in my life is to be real. I came from a pretty messed up family where my parents didn't know how to love and to love in a healthy way.

My dad was the first man who broke my heart. Since I was 8, I first experienced anxiety when dad yelled at me and calling me 'stupid' and 'useless' for not understanding the timetables. As a little girl, I didn't know what to do but to shut off and absorbed the verbal abuse like a sponge. All mum wanted me to be was a bank manager. She laughed at the idea that all I ever wanted was love. Being real was frown upon.

At 18, I protected my mum from getting hit by my dad. He took his anger and aggression out on me. Mum laughed at me and told me off for 'being silly'. I cried in the corner while dad fell asleep in his chair and mum kept telling me to shut up. I felt betrayed by my parents and I felt ashamed to be their daughter let alone to even exist. Why me? I almost went crazy, by that time, I knew how to numb myself out and shut myself off from the madness. I lost touch with how to be real.

The biggest blow was at 20, my father had a sex addiction and neglected his role as a father and husband. Mum came crying to me. Being the good daughter that I become, I took it upon myself to be the pillar for my mum. I felt obligated to neglect my own needs and take on any job that I can get to start paying for the mortgage, bills, my mum's debt and give her some cash just so she feels ok. Wearing the pants in the family was my new identity.

I broke away from my family at 25, I needed my independence and freedom to find the 'real' me. I started dating and my heart shattered over and over again. I had to figure out what love was and I immediately felt the same madness that I felt at 18, I couldn't stopped screaming my lungs out, "Why me?" I was crying uncontrollably and felt this overwhelm of anxiety. I couldn't seem to keep love in my life and I would destroy it at any chance I can get. And the worse thing was, I didn't know why.

Then at 29, the greatest pitfall in my life happened. I lost everything. I lost my wealth, all of my money, my relationships and myself. I overworked myself to the ground in my women's fashion label, my funds were running out and I was a victim of a property scam which sent me broke. At the same time, I was dating a tormented married man. He mirrored my confusion in love, business, money and life. The broken girl inside. Life felt so messed up. And the whole time, I thought I could run away from the past but I was living in it.

A new chapter, a new life

Being broke was the worst feeling ever. I hated that I was living each day thinking where I was going to live, what I was going to do with my life and how to get cash to get by. I made the choice to move out of the shared 'shoe box' granny flat that I was renting and moved into a city studio. By taking steps towards living the life I want, I had to go out of my comfort zone and make brave choices that felt right for me not what I thought was right. I was shown signs how to get back on the right track. On the second day I moved into my city studio, a random buyer contacted me and purchased $700 worth of dresses! Within 2 weeks, I got a corporate job that met the salary that I desired! I wasn't prepared to go back to retail to work long hours and earn little money for my time.

Since then, I received pay-rises in my corporate career and mentor everyday people who are suffering from really messed up families like mine or worse or have adopted BS beliefs about themselves that isn't really real. I now have a healthier relationship with my mum and discovered real deep love with a beautiful man who loves me for who I am.

Confidence is a choice and it's a choice to just be real. The hardest yet the most simplest thing that we can do is just believe in yourself and have faith of what will be because everything else will fall into place.

What I got in my tool kit to help you to just be rrrreal... 

With my personal experiences of overcoming poverty, domestic violence, sexual abuse, a victim of bullying and mental meltdowns, I'm very well equipped to give you the support, guidance and love that you need to see things through, own your BS story and fall in love with yourself again so you can live a life in confidence.

  • 2017: Certified Rose Development Life Coach
  • 2018: AVP (Alternatives to Violence Project) facilitator
  • 2018: Diploma of Heartfelt Brilliance Leadership by Robert Kirby
  • 2019: Diploma of Coaching plus Character Analysis by Robert Kirby


Above: Holding my pride and joy of being a qualified Rose Development coach with my first mentor Michelle Rose.

Below: Celebrated my diploma in Heartfelt Brilliance Leadership training with my second mentor Robert Kirby.



Above: Graduated as a AVP Facilitator with my trainer Katherine Smith.

Below: Date night with my man in our onesies.


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